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The Edison at Disney Springs construction update

The Edison is one of the last components of the new Disney Springs that has yet to open. It occupies a huge section of the former Pleasure Island section, now known as The Landing sitting approximately where the beloved Adventure’s Club used to exist. Expected… Read More »The Edison at Disney Springs construction update

Disney Springs construction update as of March 2016

It’s time for another major update from Disney Springs. As it moves closer to a completion date later this year, the pace of construction is winding down. Almost every new building has completed vertical construction (with one of the major exceptions being The Edison (formerly… Read More »Disney Springs construction update as of March 2016

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Downtown Disney becoming Disney Springs – Construction Update for November

We have a really big update from Downtown Disney for you today. There’s a whole raft of updates to report as the popular shopping, dining, and entertainment district prepares to become Disney Springs.

In a previous update we explored the newly open Exposition Park Food Truck lot and we had our first peek inside the new parking structure.

The entrance to Downtown Disney is forever changed as a giant parking structure now occupies the former main parking lot for the westside. There’s still plenty of working going on, even on the parking garage itself. Eventually two walk-ways will connect the garage with Disney Springs. For now, there’s some extra construction walls to help corral pedestrian traffic into the West Side.


The biggest change is the re-opening of the walk-way through the former Pleasure Island area. This area will soon be known as “The Landing.” But for now, it’s still a mess of walls and storefronts that aren’t quite ready to open. You’ll note that they added some fake trolley tracks to the ground at the top of the hill and some concept art to show what that area will look like when finished.

There’s also been quite a lot of work on The Hanger and The Boathouse, two of the first dining experiences expected to open in The Landing.

Behind the Landing is “The Springs” and work is going on there too, with what looks like some of the first vertical structures being erected already.

More photos below the jump:
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Downtown Disney Transforming into Disney Springs – October 2014 Construction Update


Here’s our latest look at the progress on converting Downtown Disney into Disney Springs. Lots of work going on near the Marketplace, the area of Pleasure Island that will become “The Landing,” and even on the Westside. The Parking garage looks good and the special pedestrian bridges are starting to take shape too. The only hitch for the parking garage is whether Disney can get final approval from the state to build the I-4 off-ramp that leads directly into the garage.

A few new ‘stores’ have been set up near Fulton’s Crabhouse. Looks like a way for a few concepts to get introduced to Downtown Disney crowds without a full store. If these work, they’ll probably move to one of the new shopping districts in The Landing or Disney Springs.

I have not idea why the volcano is undergoing construction again, considering it just opened earlier this year. But the rest of the construction has really started to move toward the final phases.

Below the jump, I’ve added a photo gallery with some highlights and a few details that didn’t make it into the video:

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Disney Springs “The Landing” – New Shopping and Dining District Opening in 2015

Disney Springs

Among the many things announced by Walt Disney World yesterday, was the first new area of Downtown Disney to open as part of its transformation into Disney Springs. “The Landing” will be set by the water front and feature nationally known restauranteurs. None have been officially announced, but it’s expected to include concepts from the Patina group (Via Napoli) and Steven Schussler (T-Rex, Yak & Yeti, and Rainforest Cafe). The Landing will occupy part of the area formerly known as Pleasure Island (basically behind where Raglan Road is now).

Disney also released a bunch more information about the transformation of Disney Springs (which will be the official name for the area commencing with the opening of The Landing. For summer 2014, outdoor entertainment will bring Downtown Disney to life, with nine different acts scheduled nightly – more than 30 live performances daily, a free highlight of the Downtown Disney experience. Special events like Car Masters Weekend (June 14-15) puts the spotlight on classic and exotic cars for Father’s Day weekend, and includes character experiences featuring favorite Disney*Pixar “Cars” characters.

New this summer for Downtown Disney:

Two new Starbucks locations – a storefront at Downtown Disney West Side and a kiosk near World of Disney at Downtown Disney Marketplace. Look for the familiar green roof at the West Side flagship Starbucks, part of the company’s commitment to be environmentally conscious. The design includes a covered patio overlooking the waterfront and a fireplace, as well as the new Clover Bar, featuring special reserve coffees brewed to order. A high-tech screen behind the Clover Bar will show images from coffee regions around the globe, and a new Human Connection Wall will include large touch-screen monitors that allow guests to use their finger to draw images.

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Downtown Disney Construction Update


Construction on the Disney Springs transformation of Downtown Disney is now underway in earnest. Get ready for a maze of walls, some extra time to get to your destination from the parking lot, and the occasional interruption from construction crews. Fans of Pleasure Island may want to take one last trip to pose in front of the remaining signs and buildings. I’m sure some elements will eventually end up on ebay too.

So without any further ado, here are the photos from my walkabout yesterday:

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Living Statue

Living Statues attract Crowds at Downtown Disney

With all the clubs in Pleasure Island shuttered, Disney has moved the nightly entertainment out onto the sidewalks with bands, magicians, and even living statues. Turns out, the living statues are pretty popular. Families stop and watch as the statue comes to life to interact… Read More »Living Statues attract Crowds at Downtown Disney