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A tour of Pleasure Island

Originally uploaded by indigoskye Last month I took a walking tour of Downtown Disney with the goal of capturing Pleasure Island before more of it vanishes beneath Mickey’s bulldozer. Check out the full photoset.

After Adventurer’s Club what next?

The UCF Student paper reports on the closing of all the clubs at Pleasure Island and the effect that will have on the larger percentage of the student body that works at Disney. “My friends, co-workers and my boyfriend, who also works in Animal Kingdom,… Read More »After Adventurer’s Club what next?

The Disney Blog on NPR’s Bryant Park Project

I was interviewed by Mike Pesca of NPR’s Bryant Park Project this morning regarding the closure of Pleasure Island’s night clubs including The Adventurer’s Club as well as a few related topics. They’ve now put the segment up on their website so you can listen… Read More »The Disney Blog on NPR’s Bryant Park Project

Pleasure Island and Adventurer’s Club, some additional thoughts.

As we’ve covered before Disney has announced a change in plans for Pleasure Island. Goodbye to night clubs, hello to retail and dining. In the 19 years since Pleasure Island opened, a lot has changed in the habits of tourists and locals in terms of night time entertainment. Disney has done quite a bit of tweaking recently on the PI concept and apparently was unable to come up with a workable solution.

Never-the-less, there is a growing movement to save the Adventurer’s Club. It is the only attraction at Downtown Disney that was created solely by Disney Imagineers (Joe Rhode (of Disney’s Animal Kingdom fame, had a hand in it), it has a huge following, and some of the most unique 360 degree immersive theming found in a Disney attraction.

The bad news is, except for the original “Save Mr. Lincoln” letter writing campaign, I can’t think of a single Disney fan movement to save an attraction that has worked. (Okay, the mid-90s effort to keep Sleeping Beauty Castle Walk-Through open may qualify.) I think Disney is happy to see fans get all riled up as it shows a passion in their fan base, it also means free publicity for them. But these days Disney makes decisions based more on business needs than the needs of providing a quality show.

The good news, this time may be different. When Disney announced it would be closing the Adventurer’s Club this fall, along with the other Pleasure Island clubs, there was quick reaction to the news with a lot of chatter on Disney fan sites, a Facebook group, and a petition with more than 3000 signatures in just a few days. There’s also the possibility that Disney just plans on moving

That’s a good start, but not yet the huge outcry of the type that might make Disney re-focus its ideas to rip out the attraction. To make a real difference, a letter writing campaign to Disney corporate and Themepark executives will need to be launched.

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Pleasure Island to Close all Night Clubs and Retheme for Families

Back on April 16th reported that Pleasure Island would soon be closing its clubs while Disney implemented a new family friendly feel for the whole general Downtown Disney Area. Today Disney finally made the official announcement. Put September 27th down on your Calendar as… Read More »Pleasure Island to Close all Night Clubs and Retheme for Families