Pleasure Island to Close all Night Clubs and Retheme for Families

Back on April 16th reported that Pleasure Island would soon be closing its clubs while Disney implemented a new family friendly feel for the whole general Downtown Disney Area. Today Disney finally made the official announcement.

Put September 27th down on your Calendar as the last night to party at all six of downtown Disney’s Night Clubs. BET SoundStage Club, Mannequins Dance Palace, 8Trax, Rock’n’Roll Beach Club, Comedy Club, and that other one will be closed after the summer rush is over.

So far no word if Adventurer’s Club will remain open, but an Orlando Sentinel article says that most of the non-nightclub businesses will remain open, so there is hope.

Disney claims to be looking world wide for good properties that will offer the right mix of shopping, dining, and entertainment for the area. Can you think of any that might work? For instance, My wife wants to stake firsties for the right to put in a Starbucks franchise in the revised version of Downtown Disney.

Update: More Details on what’s coming to Downtown Disney.

22 thoughts on “Pleasure Island to Close all Night Clubs and Retheme for Families”

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  2. This is terrible news. I’ve been planning on spending my 21 birthday on Pleasure Island for years!!!

  3. CURSES!!!!! I’m preparing to make my 2nd in a lifetime, and 1st in 10 years, trip to WDW. One of the main things I wanted to experience was Adventurer’s Club. So here’s hoping that such a popular venue will be spared the ax!!

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  5. That totally sucks! I’ve only been once, but thought it was great that WDW would make a place that adults could enjoy after the kiddies should be in bed anyway. RIP Pleasure Island!

  6. Actually Rock and Roll closed on Feb 3 2008 the sixth club is Adventures Club. And according to Disney people fly from all over the country to shop in their stores for more crap Chinese products. Nobody comes to Disney for the entertainment. Truth be told Disney killed PI when they put the Westside on the other side of PI making PI in the way in between their two family friendly areas of Downtown Disney.

    1. not for nothing matt but disney IS entertainment. family also includes mom and dad and would it kill disney to give us one night of adult pleasure without the kids arounds!! afterall, we let them do everything they want during the day…. it was nice to have an adult sanctuary to escape to, if only for a night… i am going in august…. but now it will be my last time.

  7. Hearing that the Adventurer’s Club will close is the worst Disney change I’ve heard. Over the years we’ve been there many times. It’s always a fun time and great place for adults (and I don’t mean 20-somethings) to have drinks and chat.

  8. I loved P.I. but I was hearing from Disney people that a new manager or managers were making decisions like having Hula Hoops for use outside the Beach Club before it closed was too dangerous so they said they had to keep them inside. This kind of attitude could only lead towards more conservative thinking… I’ll Miss You P.I. :-)

  9. can do without the bet soundstage! but hate to see the rest go. really loved the rock and roll beach club. really going to miss PI

  10. You have got to be kidding meeeeee!!!! I absolutely love 8TRAX!!! I am so sad. I spent Cinco de Mayo, my 30th b-day and my bacholerette party there and many other party nights. Boo-HOO!!! That sucks!!

  11. I just bought yearly passes to PI…:( My wife and I have been going for about a year now, we go every 2 weeks. It is going to really suck, I will never go to Disney again and I have kids lol…. Now what are the adults going to do?????? I say make PI adult only and check ID before entering before I would close them all down…. Ahhhhhhh very upset PI fan this blows….

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  13. This is ridiculous. The whole ENTIRE PARK is for kids. Obviously there is a problem with having one corner of the world that is for adults.

    Disney are idiots.

    1. yes….its all for kids…but we’re the suckers who have to pay for it… couldn’t they give us one saving grace from all the whining, moaning and complaining that i see most children doing during the day!!?? the only thing i think they should change is to only let people with disney passes (from going to the theme parks) or a resort id, go in. this might eliminate the local riff raff….. and 20-somethings that can’t hold their liquor!! how about they replace PI with a 30+ club! now that’s what i’m talking about!

  14. My husband and I just returned from Disney. Our main reason for visiting is to have a great time during the day (shopping- tons and tons, visiting the parks – this year was Magic Kingdom and Blizzard Beach year) and to go to the clubs (8 Trax, Comedy Warehouse, Mannequins,Adventurers Club and Motions)and restaurants (Wolfgang Puck, Planet Hollywood, etc.) at night.

    We meet our friends from Texas, Chicago, Oklahoma, and Arizona – all who either have time shares or summer homes. We have done this for the past six years. Did I mention that we are ALL OVER FIFTY YEARS OLD and never bring the kids or grands. We are the children on this trip. We really enjoyed the comfort and safety of Pleasure Island and if we do have a little libation, we also appreciate the fact that there are always a fleet of cabs ready to take us home.

    I cannot understand why they would close these wonderful clubs when there are so many options they could take – i.e. allow access only to resort residents (which we would gladly become if necessary to gain access to the clubs) or move the clubs to another location, etc., but just to close all of the clubs sounds sadly malicious.

    I hope they will reconsider and read the blogs and petitions on the saving of this fabulous playland for adults.

  15. I have frequented PI for the last 2 years, and I absolutly love it. It is a shame that Disney can’t find a better way to improve DTD without closing the only adult oreinted place in the entire resort. I think the money the are spending to “reimage” dtd would be better spent “reimaging” EPCOT. If EPCOT mean experimental prototype community of tomorrow why does it look like something straight out of the 60’s?” Disney doesn’t care about the guests that want something to do at night away from the kids that are whining and screaming all day. Away from the long lines they have to experience in the day in the parks. And just want a place to relax and just have a good time, they just want to add more stores as if there isn’t already 500 Disney stores in the parks and DTD selling the same crap. I guess they think that if they add 500 more stores they will sell more, and compensate for the guests like me that are upset and will go spend my tons of money somewhere else. I wrote a letter to Disney and they didn’t even bother to respond, if that doesn’t show you they don’t care I don’t what does. I will soarly miss P.I. it’s a real shame to see it go.

  16. My wife and I are long time Adventure’s Club and 8 Trax fans. We have been enjoying both since they opened. The Adventure’s Club has inspired us so much that we hope to design a home similar to it some day.

    I would like to make mention of the incredible performers that AC has employed over the years. There devotion to the success of the club has been insurmountable. They are some of the funniest people that you will ever encounter. I will truly miss every one of them and especially the Boulderdash Award and Radiothon shows.

    The Colonel has made me laugh so hard that I am on the floor. Graves and his wonderful welcome at the front entrance has always been so inviting. The floating head in the case has always amazed me and I still want to see how it is done. These nad many other memories will stick with my wife and I for as long as we live.

    If, in fact they do close the club, we wish all of the hard working cast all the best and thank them for so many great times and memories.

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