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After Adventurer’s Club what next?

The UCF Student paper reports on the closing of all the clubs at Pleasure Island and the effect that will have on the larger percentage of the student body that works at Disney.

“My friends, co-workers and my boyfriend, who also works in Animal Kingdom, go there at least once a week,” said Jenkins, who has been working at Animal Kingdom for almost two years. “It’s such a great place because the clubs are free for us, and not only that – I think they’re the best clubs in Orlando. They’re clean, safe, there’s no smoking inside. It’s just a really good place to hang out with friends.”

Like Jenkins many cast members found Pleasure Island to be the perfect place to relax and let their hair down after a long day of work. Of course, sometimes this created other problems as Kevin Yee reveals in a letter he received:

I know of lots of CP’s getting fired because of their actions at PI. Once the managers know there is a problem, they can have the cast member’s ID “flagged” and find out how often the cast member is partying at PI. If the cast member’s “sick days” are coming after PI nights, they are sent home.

Yeah, Disney sometimes acts a little too much like a parent to their cast members. In the end these cast members will just find somewhere else to go–off Disney property most likely. A smart business on 535 or 192 would start planning for that business now.

Another quote from the UCF article has a familiar ring to it:

“Having worked there [at a nightclub], I can tell you it was almost as if Disney executives were trying to fail a very popular and profitable location,” Hicks said.

This is a tried and true strategy of Disney management across the board. Reduce maintenance, cut labor hours, reduce capacity and then claim that due to smaller numbers changes are needed. Well, duh! You did every thing you could to keep people out of the club/attraction. Disney used this very same strategy to get ride of the Skyway and Peoplemover at Disneyland. Confirmation that the same thing is happening here at Pleasure Island should be expected, I guess.

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  1. So, wait – employees are lying about being sick so they can have a day off, and they get fired? What a bunch of fascists at Disney! *rolls eyes*

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