Weekend Reading – Disney Link Roundup

  • July 23-25 dedicated Disney’s Cast Members will volunteer their time to raise money for United Arts with the annual “Encore” choral event. The theme this year is “Anything can happen”. More information at encorecentral.org.
  • The Orlando Sentinel reports on the seemingly ubiquitous Brazilian tour groups that crowd Walt Disney World this time of year. Brazil is third, behind Canada and UK, for foreign tourists to Central Florida.
  • The NY Times chimes in with their feelings about Disneyland’s new Dream Home. I’ll give you a hint, they weren’t amused.
  • WALL-E and EVE Pez Dispensers, available in Europe.
  • Action Figure Insider reports on the coming availability of some collectibles for some forgotten Disney characters.
  • Pop & Politics blog has an outsider’s view on Disney and WALL-E.
  • Please take a look at my current selection of eBay auctions. Nine end tomorrow. There are some great scrapbook pages, and some unique Disney collectibles. Your support helps The Disney Blog and you get something collectible in return. Thank you.

Finally, below the cut is a short video of one crash test dummy riding into another. This will likely be evidence #1 when Disney tries to keep Segways out of the parks in the recent lawsuit.

2 thoughts on “Weekend Reading – Disney Link Roundup”

  1. That video looks painful, but is it any more violent than an electric wheelchair hitting someone?
    I bet a hit from one of those scooter chairs would look similar, except that the rider wouldn’t be leaning on the handlebars. That means the impact would be pretty much the same for the victim (the orange guy), but the driver (yellow) would be thrown forward into or over the handlebars, and whether you’re in a mobility chair for reasons of obesity or infirmity, that’s not a fun ride.
    My point is that this is an argument to remove ALL powered mobility vehicles (not gonna happen), but doesn’t seem to make much of a case against the Segway.

  2. The problem with the segway thing is, the majority of the people that use Segways are capable drivers, the same as with ECVs and Wheelchairs. The problem is that other people who don’t use ECVs or wheelchairs don’t pay attention and run into the people in wheelchairs and ECVs, which hurts the people in the wheelchairs and ECVs, I would suspect that the same with Segways in the parks. The worse part is the person in the ECV or wheelchair gets cussed out, even if they are off to the side and completely stopped.

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