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Link Sundae for a Sunday

Had a nice day at Disney’s Hollywood Studios yesterday. Arrived 10 minutes after park opening and already the Toy Story Midway Mania! Fast Pass return time was for 11:45. When we returned at 11:45 all the FP for the day were gone. We waiting once in the standby queue and it was almost exactly 60 minutes from entering the main queue to boarding the attraction. The guests I spoke to in the single rider queue had waited an hour too, and they still had half the stairway to descend. So Disney still has some work to do there to make it an equitable situation for all parties.

  • The Chicago Tribune tells its readers to start looking for some bargain deals as far as a fall vacation to Orlando. So far, however, a big slow down in tourism hasn’t manifested itself in Orlando.
  • I haven’t posted a link to Alas, A Blog in a long time, but Ampersand has a great write up on WALL-E with an interesting take on if the depiction of humanity in WALL-E is making fun of fat people.
  • Lindsey Collins, co-producer of Pixar’s latest film, “WALL-E,” is interviewed by the Wall Street Journal. She talks about dressing for Pixar, pregnancy and red-carpet premieres.
  • The Box office estimate for WALL-E for the weekend is $19 million that brings it to over $162 million total box office with almost all of the international market yet to open.
  • Leo Holzer interviewed John Lasseter about his vision for Walt Disney Imagineering and the Toy Story Midway Mania attraction.
  • Garth over at Extreme Craft returned to Disneyland and was impressed with the amount of Extreme Craft to be seen there. In a way, isn’t a large part of Imagineering just extreme craft?
  • The trailer for High School Musical 3: The Senior Year will be premiering on The Disney Channel tomorrow night at 7:55PM PT/ET and 6:55PM CT. The movie itself will be in theaters this October 24th. At least they’re throwing The Disney Channel a bone.
  • Anheuser-Busch initially rejected a buyout offer from InBev. But now that the deal has been sweetened with an additional $5 a share, it looks like the deal might go through. This means SeaWorld and Busch Gardens will likely be sold off so InBev can quickly make back some cash from the purchase. Read more at St Louis Today.