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Disney Springs construction update as of March 2016

Some new buildings in the Marketplace area for Aristocrepes Crepe Shop near Goofy’s Candy Kitchen and Big Bad Wolf Sausages product of some sort near T-Rex, plus more construction:

Finally, construction is nearing completion in the springs area of Disney Springs:

Disney has provided this really excellent video that goes into the story behind the addition of the water tower as the new icon for Disney Springs.

I love how even though the area is mostly new, it has a rich backstory and that really shines through in the details Disney Imagineers have added to Disney Springs.

Are you excited for Disney Springs to finally be complete? I know I am.

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7 thoughts on “Disney Springs construction update as of March 2016”

  1. Your updates are truly awesome for those of us who do not live near Disney. Thank you for your time & the great photos & videos!!!

  2. I’m living for these updates! I’ll happily watch hours of Disney Springs footage as it still baffles me just how much they’re doing! Thank you so much for taking the time to put these together, keep them coming! I’d like to think Town Centre (or the bus station at least) to be open this summer. They look almost 100% there.

  3. I love your updates. I’m from the UK and will be taking my first trip to Walt Disney World in September. I follow your Blog and with each update I get more excited about my trip.

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