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Zootopia tops box office for second weekend


This will make Mr. Big happy. It was a big weekend for Walt Disney Animation Studios, it’s fun buddy-cop movie “Zootopia” arrested all comers at the box office this weekend with another $50 million domestically. That puts its stateside earnings at $143 million for the first 10 days. That already places it at 5th on the all time Walt Disney Animation Studios list.

The drop from opening weekend was ony 33%, which is a good sign this movie might have legs and climb even higher. Frozen topped out at $400 million domestically. With The Jungle Book not opening for another month, it will pass Big Hero 6 into second for sure.

Disney is rightly crowing that Zootopia still has a 99% fresh rating at Rotten Tomatoes.

When you add in the international box office, Zootopia has now brought in over $431 million. Frozen ended up with $1.276 billion, but that was a phenomanon.