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Zootopia tops box office for second weekend


This will make Mr. Big happy. It was a big weekend for Walt Disney Animation Studios, it’s fun buddy-cop movie “Zootopia” arrested all comers at the box office this weekend with another $50 million domestically. That puts its stateside earnings at $143 million for the first 10 days. That already places it at 5th on the all time Walt Disney Animation Studios list.

The drop from opening weekend was ony 33%, which is a good sign this movie might have legs and climb even higher. Frozen topped out at $400 million domestically. With The Jungle Book not opening for another month, it will pass Big Hero 6 into second for sure.

Disney is rightly crowing that Zootopia still has a 99% fresh rating at Rotten Tomatoes.

When you add in the international box office, Zootopia has now brought in over $431 million. Frozen ended up with $1.276 billion, but that was a phenomanon.

1 thought on “Zootopia tops box office for second weekend”

  1. Saw this movie over the weekend, and its great. Not a musical, more of an animated buddy-cop movie. I enjoy the musicals, but it was time to change it up with a non-musical animated movie, and this is the best from any Disney affiliate since Pixar put out the Incredibles.

    Personally, i think that the purchase of Pixar and establishing John Lassater as head of both teams (Pixar and Disney Animation) has caused the Disney folks to step up their game. It does have sequel potential, but hopefully not too soon. I’d like to be able to enjoy one movie without thinking about the next in the series (if there is one).

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