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Downtown Disney Construction Update


Construction on the Disney Springs transformation of Downtown Disney is now underway in earnest. Get ready for a maze of walls, some extra time to get to your destination from the parking lot, and the occasional interruption from construction crews. Fans of Pleasure Island may want to take one last trip to pose in front of the remaining signs and buildings. I’m sure some elements will eventually end up on ebay too.

So without any further ado, here are the photos from my walkabout yesterday:

There was no other construction on the Westside and none that I saw in the Marketplace (although I got caught in the rain and didn’t explore the whole area)

Since the Fantasy of Flight balloon was grounded due to bad weather, you’ll have to visit this report on to see two overhead shots of the construction.

5 thoughts on “Downtown Disney Construction Update”

  1. More crap for families. The whole place is already geared toward kids, and these idiots want to add more. Does Disney have a clue that they have an adult only audience as well? It sure does not seem like it. I guess that’s why Universal is kicking its ass. Universal caters to their adult fans, unlike Disney.

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