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New Taylor Swift Annie Leibovitz Photo for Disney Parks

Disney Parks has been working with world renown photographer Annie Leibovitz on a Dream Portrait series since January 2007. Along the way she’s managed to make new magic by placing celebrities into famous Disney scenes. Today’s new photo is no exception. Leibovitz inserts Taylor Swift… Read More »New Taylor Swift Annie Leibovitz Photo for Disney Parks

Kodak Sponsorship Era Ends in a Flash

Say goodbye to the ubiquitous Kodak photo spot signs as the company is pulling the last vestiges of its sponsorship from Disneyland and Walt Disney World. Kodak was one of three original Disneyland sponsors who remained at the park. Coca-cola and Carnation (now owned by… Read More »Kodak Sponsorship Era Ends in a Flash

Zooming in on Magic Kingdom Construction

One of the features I really like about my camera, a Canon SX30, is its 35x optical zoom. I had an occasion to put it to a test last week when we dined at California Grill. It was nearing dusk and a huge rainstorm had just added significant amounts of water to the area and sending steam into the air. After walking out to the edge of the viewing platforms outside the restaurant on top of the Contemporary Hotel, I was able to get these images.

First is an image of a Magic Kingdom set in a reflection of light upon the water. It looks so beautiful I had to share.

Magic Kingdom Ferry Sunset

On the other side of the water, the Grand Floridian DVC tower is coming together nicely.

Photos of New Fantasyland and more below the jump:

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EPCOT Update and a Wish

The other day as I strolled around EPCOT, I wondered why is ‘Future World’ stuck in the past. Of all the attractions only Mission: Space could be said to be forward looking. Spaceship Earth tacks a little choose your own adventure video on the end with a look forward, but the bulk of the ride is about the past. The rest of the ‘future attractions’ are really now ‘present day’ attractions. Why hasn’t Disney kept up with some of the latest technologies of the future?

Where are the ec0-friendly buildings, how about podcars (or other rapid transit innovations (Google Self Driving car anyone?)), and a view of what work will be like in the future. Recreate a portion of Masdar City, the first city designed to be energy neutral. Inspire guests with a vision of the future where technology is there to enable us to achieve even more as a planet.

Anyway, enough of that rant. There is change at the center, and I took a few pictures on my stroll. Here are some of the new things I saw in the park:

The cast member greeting position for the Seas with Finding Nemo pavilion has a new shade structure. It looks nice, but unfortunately they didn’t see fit to install a solar power fan for the cast member stationed there.

A close look at the floor reveals this is a future site of Fastpass Plus.

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New Annie Leibovitz Disney Dream Portraits To Debut Tomorrow

The Disney Parks Blog has announced that two more beautiful photos from renowned Photographer Annie Leibovitz will be unveiled tomorrow. Part of the Disney Dream Portrait series we’ve covered extensively on the blog, these photos from Leibovitz place celebrities in the roles of various Disney… Read More »New Annie Leibovitz Disney Dream Portraits To Debut Tomorrow

Polaroid Disney World

Eastman Kodak, longtime sponsor of Disney’s domestic theme parks, is reportedly considering bankruptcy any day now. It’s not clear what this means for the parks, Kodak is still the sponsor of the guidemaps that 1o’s of thousands of guests pick up and use every day… Read More »Polaroid Disney World