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Disneyland Timelapse Photography

Andrew Franz took a trip to the happiest place on Earth recently, and captured the beauty of Disneyland at night via Timelapse photography. Since the visit was around Christmas time there is that extra bit of magic too: Previously: Timelapse Videos of Christmas at Disneyland.

Disney Dream Portrait Fan Series Wraps Up

Duy Trong, whose Disney Dream Portrait inspired photo series I’ve profiled here and here, is giving up childish things and has entered college as a freshmen. But before he left to start on his new path, he finished the series by adding some of his… Read More »Disney Dream Portrait Fan Series Wraps Up

Instaparks – Video Snapshot of your favorite Disney Parks

Instaparks is a fun new project that combines the popular iPhone photo app Instagram and something we all love, Disney theme parks, to provide a snapshot of activity occurring at each magical location. The website is a project of Rustin Jessen, who also manages MainGateAds,… Read More »Instaparks – Video Snapshot of your favorite Disney Parks

Photo that inspired EPCOT’s American Adventure

There’s one set in EPCOT’s epic American Adventure attraction that takes the story all the way from the Great Depression to the attack at Pearl Harbor. Brother’s Josh and Jared Stein found a photo that appears to have inspired that scene and shared it with The Disney Blog.

This photo was captured by renowned depression era photographer Dorothea Lange in July 1939 in Gordonton, North Carolina.

That General Store is still around just off route 49 and Wheeler Church Rd. As you can see from this image from Google Maps:

What do you think? Was it the inspiration?

Photo credits: American Adventure – AttributionNoncommercialNo Derivative Works Some rights reserved by Express Monorail, Dorothea Lange, Country store on dirt road, Gordonton, North Carolina, 1939 via the Library of Congress.

Update: One more photo of the store from Dorothea Lange below the jump:

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More Fan Created Disney Dream Portraits

Last month I was happy to share a fantastic set of photos from Disney fan and photographer Duy Truong inspired by the Disney Parks Celebrity Dream Portrait series photographed by Annie Leibovitz. He even let me debut one of his new portraits via The Disney… Read More »More Fan Created Disney Dream Portraits

Disney Fan Takes on Leibovitz’s Dream Portraits With His Own Series

Becky Meza poses as the villainess Ursula from “The Little Mermaid.”

Meet Duy Truong, he’s a photographer in Fort Lauderdale, Florida with a passion for Disney. Inspired by Annie Leibovitz’s Dream Portrait series she did for Disney, he decided he could do his own tribute version after thinking the series had ceased after her portrait with Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens.

So he assembled his crew of Disney obsessed friends, some props and costumes, and did some location scouting. The result is absolutely magical. Even though Leibovitz has returned with new Dream Portraits for Disney Parks, I’m delighted to see how well Duy captured the essence of the series.

I’m very pleased to be presenting the world premier of the most recent photos from Duy. Here are two pieces featuring local actress Anneliese Banks as Alice. I love the touch of the hidden mickey in the second one. (click on each image to view it in larger size.)

Here’s one of my favorites “When You Never Forget”, with Raphael “Raffi” Mikelstein portraying Christopher Robin.

More wonderful images in this series below the jump:

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Tangled Characters meet their Actors

What happens when two worlds collide? Tangled stars Mandy Moore and Zachary Levi pose with their character counterparts, Rapunzel and Flynn Rider at Disneyland this past weekend! They were also interviewed for this video: I got the chance to see Flynn Rider and Rapunzel up… Read More »Tangled Characters meet their Actors

A Welcoming Problem at Walt Disney World

Although it’s not as popular as the ubiquitous castle shot, taking a picture of the “Welcome to Walt Disney World” sign is an important part of many visitors memories. At least it was until a few months ago when signs went up saying that parking… Read More »A Welcoming Problem at Walt Disney World