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Zooming in on Magic Kingdom Construction

One of the features I really like about my camera, a Canon SX30, is its 35x optical zoom. I had an occasion to put it to a test last week when we dined at California Grill. It was nearing dusk and a huge rainstorm had just added significant amounts of water to the area and sending steam into the air. After walking out to the edge of the viewing platforms outside the restaurant on top of the Contemporary Hotel, I was able to get these images.

First is an image of a Magic Kingdom set in a reflection of light upon the water. It looks so beautiful I had to share.

Magic Kingdom Ferry Sunset

On the other side of the water, the Grand Floridian DVC tower is coming together nicely.

Photos of New Fantasyland and more below the jump:

Another wonderful photo. Steam rising from the forest behind the Magic Kingdom Monorail station.

On top of the Main Street buildings, Disney is working on the projectors for the castle digital projection show.

Work continues on re-orienting the windows on Prince Eric’s Castle. Also a good view of the top of the Little Mermaid attraction.

You can see some of the bridge that will take you to the Be Our Guest restaurant here.

A different perspective of the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train show building.

A wide view of Gaston’s Village. Note the lights on to the right of the photo. Those are the New Fantasyland restrooms.

A little closer view of the courtyard in Gaston’s Village. The statue of Gaston is still up and the sign for Gaston’s Tavern has antlers now. I’d also note that the landscaping and ground work looks nearly completed in this area. Might be ready to open before November 19th, you never know.

Thanks for joining us on this photo update with a unique perspective. If everything works out, I should have a similar update in a few weeks.

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  1. Say what you will about Canon. Their higher end point and shoots have great optics. My S3 (yes 3) took some wonderful shots from up there as well. Its a great place for photos of that nature!

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