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Kodak Sponsorship Era Ends in a Flash

Say goodbye to the ubiquitous Kodak photo spot signs as the company is pulling the last vestiges of its sponsorship from Disneyland and Walt Disney World. Kodak was one of three original Disneyland sponsors who remained at the park. Coca-cola and Carnation (now owned by Nestle) are the other two. The film and camera company was unable to change with the shift in consumer demand and declared bankruptcy in January. Since then it’s just been a matter of time until the sponsorship contract came up for renewal and Kodak could bow out gracefully.

In addition to guidemaps and photo spot signs, Kodak had its name on a few remaining stores and kiosks around the parks. In particular the last remaining ticket booth still in use at Disneyland. Kodak’s sponsorship on the Imagination Pavilion ended in 2010 but its name remains on Mickey’s PhilharMagic, MuppetVision 3D and stores like Epcot Camera Center, Cover Story and Garden Gate Gifts.

The partnership will officially be dissolved on December 31st, 2012. So you have a few days to go get pictures of all those photo spot signs before they become a part of history.

(More in the OC Register)

2 thoughts on “Kodak Sponsorship Era Ends in a Flash”

  1. What do you think they’ll do with that Legacy photo garden they have in the front of epcot? I have horrible, but memorable kid photos of many of my family members.

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