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3D Printed TTA Ride Vehicle

Chris is a 3D printing enthusiast out of Chicago and a big Disney fan. He’s on a quest to produce 3D printed versions of every Disney ride vehicle and he picked a perfect one to start with, the People Mover TTA car from Magic Kingdom.


He’s working on a second prototype and says the doors will even slide. More from Chris on his excellent blog The New Hobbyist including this build of Arduino powered Haunted Mansion singing busts for Halloween.Read More »3D Printed TTA Ride Vehicle

Progress City Model Returns from Rehab

The Progress City model has returned from a brief refurbishment at the Magic Kingdom. There was some hope that they would give the model some much needed TLC and perhaps restore some of the functionality, alas, it was really very little more than a light… Read More »Progress City Model Returns from Rehab

Disneyland to bring back PeopleMover?

When the President of Disneyland hints the PeopleMover is returning to the resort, can you take him at his word? This is the question going through the minds of Disney fans today. A D23’s Destination D mini-expo a fan asked park president George Kalogridis if… Read More »Disneyland to bring back PeopleMover?

Dream of EPCOT Becoming Reality

Unfortunately, this is not a schematic of anything coming to WDW The original idea Walt Disney had for his Florida project was to create a whole new type of city. A place that would be on the cutting edge for environmentally friendly technology, mass transit,… Read More »Dream of EPCOT Becoming Reality

Anaheim moves closer to Monorail or Peoplemover System

From the OC Register we find out that Anaheim is moving forward in its plan to add an elevated transportation system between the Disneyland Resort area and a transportation hub near Angel Stadium. This is also a big step toward building an eventual high speed… Read More »Anaheim moves closer to Monorail or Peoplemover System

Disney World vs High Speed Rail

The Orlando Sentinel has a look at how far Disney might go to support High Speed Rail in Central Florida. They question if Disney would be willing to give up it’s free Disney’s Magical Express service, the first step in WDW’s attempt to make each… Read More »Disney World vs High Speed Rail