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Anaheim moves closer to Monorail or Peoplemover System

From the OC Register we find out that Anaheim is moving forward in its plan to add an elevated transportation system between the Disneyland Resort area and a transportation hub near Angel Stadium. This is also a big step toward building an eventual high speed rail between Anaheim and Las Vegas.

The alternatives the city is considering include:

•Increasing bus traffic in existing lanes.

•Building dedicated lanes for more buses.

•An elevated monorail (25-40 passengers per car, 30 mph)

•An elevated people mover (80-100 passengers per car, 20 mph)

•A low-speed magnetic-levitation train (150 passengers, 30 mph)

Natalie Meeks, the city’s public works director, said all options are on the table, but Anaheim sees strong benefits to building an elevated system.

Any system is estimated to cost over $300 million. I also like the idea to keep the system free, or very low cost, for passengers. The cost is one of the real drawbacks of the Las Vegas monorail.

Learn more about Anaheim’s plans at

1 thought on “Anaheim moves closer to Monorail or Peoplemover System”

  1. If you look at the link, you’ll notice there isn’t a station at the Disneyland Resort. Stations are at the Stadium/Honda Center, Garden Walk and Convention Center. It seems logical to put one near the Harbor east entrance to the resort. I wonder why?

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