Captain EO Returning to Disneyland

The Hollywood Reporter believes that Michael Jackson will return from the dead to visit Disneyland. Well the Captain EO attraction starring the gloved one will, at least.

A few months ago Disneyland actually did set up the theater to show the Captain EO film with most of the original effects. It was shown to company executives and Jackson family members, including Michael’s kids who had never seen it before. The general feeling by executives was that it could work, but that the justification just wasn’t there financial wise to do it.

Now, with the global success of “This Is It” the Michael Jackson concert pic earning big dollars around the world, it might be time to roll out Captain EO for one more dance.

What do you think? Will you make a special trip to Disneyland to see Captain EO if it’s brought back?

17 thoughts on “Captain EO Returning to Disneyland”

  1. I would fly from Perth, Australia to see Captain Eo at ANY Disney Park.

    It is a classic, and a perfect example of how they could clean it up a bit, redo some of the special effects that have dated since the ’80s, change the 3D effect to the current 3D technology. They could really redo it in such a way it would bring it into the current technology and era and that would be awesome!

    PLEASE DISNEY, Bring it back!

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  4. Well, it was really a fairly poor film. The biggest problem with it was that the filmmakers, although famous, didn’t really understand how to frame shots so that the 3D would work. As a result, foreground objects tended to pass off the edge of the screen, ruining the effect. But if Jackson continues to be a big draw in death, like, say, Marilyn Monroe became, then I could see the film returning.

  5. it’s a lot closer to happening than one might think… and for that I am sad. I didn’t think Disney would sink to this new low… but whatever. They think it will fill seats in that theater and yet they are not doing anything with that wasted space formerly known as Rocket Rods/People Mover.

  6. If there’s that much fan demand for it, Disney should consider releasing the film on DVD with 3-D glasses. I recently re-watched it on YouTube, and it just doesn’t hold up. Bad effects, bad acting, very dated-looking costumes. I get the nostalgia factor, but space in the parks is limited and should be used for something more top-of-the-line than this.

  7. It will be good to see it come back for the generations that were too young to see it before it closed, but still grew up as Michael Jackson fans. And it would be a smart business decision as well. No matter how people felt about him, record sales and This Is It sales were huge. So bringing that into the park, in my opinion, would be great.

  8. I don’t think I’d go out of my way to see it. It will mostly be of interest to hardcore MJ fans, of which I know a few.

    It would be fun in a nostalgia/quirky way, but it’s hardly Gone With The Wind.

  9. No I wouldn’t come and see it as it is out dated and didn’t jeep my attention at all which is rare for Disney.

    Anyway, Disney confirmed a while back that they were NOT bringing Captain EO back.

  10. LOL… it’s ironic and hypocritical to see comments by some who say that the film “Captain EO” is “dated” — look around Disneyland folks… Disneyland IS BUILT on nostalgia… “Snow White” — anyone? “Pinocchio” — anyone? “Peter Pan” — anyone? Many of the most popular attractions “didn’t just come out yesterday”… to the few nah sayers above… get a clue. The special effects are right in league with the original “Star Wars” trilogy — and of course this film was produced by George Lucas himself — and EO came out in 1986… after the original “Star Wars” trilogy ended up in 1983..!. For that matter, MANY prefer the look and style of the special effects of the original “Star Wars” trilogy than to the horrible, overblown, overused, heavily artificial looking CGI (computer generated imagery) seen throughout of the recent prequel trilogy. So is by something being newer then by default make something better? Obviously not. C’mon whiners….! Get a grip and and get out of the way…. LOL…. “Captain EO” returns to Disneyland…. ROCK ON…! — CLASSIC…! (and since when did watching a poorly bootlegged transfer of a movie on YouTube ever substitute for a great theatrical experience? — like one of the comments above have so piously stated. The proper aspect ratio isn’t even presented for the film on YouTube… it is severely cropped from its original presentation frame – whereas sides are cut off of either frame… and never, ever can a badly streamed video that is a few inches in size recreate the grandeur or palette of a fantastic film — man, that’s like saying cheese and crackers (here being YouTube) make for a rare delicacy… another give me a break… jeesh…!)

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