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Progress City Model Returns from Rehab

The Progress City model has returned from a brief refurbishment at the Magic Kingdom. There was some hope that they would give the model some much needed TLC and perhaps restore some of the functionality, alas, it was really very little more than a light dusting and some replacing of light bulbs.

I snapped a couple shots this weekend as we rode the Peoplemover:


I’m not pleased with the light intrusion coming from underneath the city center either.


What you see today is really only a sliver of the original larger model. For one of the best articles on the history of the model and images of it in all its former glory, make sure to read this piece on Imagineering Disney (which is where the following image was captured):


2 thoughts on “Progress City Model Returns from Rehab”

  1. I would rather see the original entire Progress City model restored than anything they are planning for WDW. It was such an incredible display of the genius of Walt Disney’s original plan for EPCOT as the city of the future. I had planned since 1967 to more there when I graduated UCLA and it was built and live the life we should have now!

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