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Disneyland Horticulture and Garden Tour

Back in the day when I used to haunt the original Disneyland park in Anaheim, I looked to take whatever walking tour Guest Relations would offer. If there was no new tour on the horizon, there was often an unofficial tour to enjoy too. One of the strangest tours I took was the Water Ways of Disneyland tour, an unofficial tour that traced every body of water through its circuitous route above and under the park’s buildings and pathways. It was actually very informative and contained some interesting historical tidbits.

However, the one tour I always wanted to take, but was never offered officially or unofficially was a horticulture tour. Well, someone has finally listened and created the “Cultivating the Magic” tour for theme parks nerds and green thumbs to enjoy. The Tour Guide shares tidbits about Imagineer Bill Evans – the original creator of Disneyland’s landscape, points out some of the historical plants – like the Dominguez Palm, and shares some of the thought and planning that goes into making the happiest place on Earth also the most beautiful garden on Earth.

Here’s a quick video preview of the tour:

I’m definitely adding this to my todo list for my next Disneyland trip. How about you?

1 thought on “Disneyland Horticulture and Garden Tour”

  1. I sure hope they add a similar tour to Walt Disney World, I’d go on it in a hearbeat… and next year’s Flower & Garden show (our next trip) would be an awesome time to take it.

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