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Last Iron Man 3 Clip

Iron Man 3

Not many films can claim to have earned back their budget before even opening the domestic market, but Iron Man 3 has already made $198 million overseas on a reported budget of $200 million. Not too shabby.

I saw the film last night. While I’m embargoed from giving you my full thoughts until Friday, I can say that I enjoyed the film and that the franchise has nothing to worry about.

One of the scenes that elicited the most positive response from the audience has already been somewhat revealed in trailers, but Disney/Marvel have released an extended peek. Here Iron Man has to rescue 13 passengers from a crippled Air Force One as they free-fall through the air.

Btw a lot of that film was done on wires, not as digital effects, to give it more realism. Iron Man 3 opens on May 3rd at a theater near you.

1 thought on “Last Iron Man 3 Clip”

  1. I can’t wait to see this! They filmed that wire stuff just up the river from me, in Wilmington, NC Another part, the parachuters coming onto a beach, was filmed blocks from my house on Oak Island :)

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