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Space Mountain – Lights On Via the Peoplemover

We came to ride Space Mountain but it was 101 (Disney speak for non-operational). So in hopes of a chance to ride through the building we ran over to the Peoplemover. Luck was with us and the lights were on. I like this version because you get to see a car as its released on the track.

What rides would you like to experience with the lights on?

(See a video from before the Space Mountain Queue was expanded and blocked the track)

6 thoughts on “Space Mountain – Lights On Via the Peoplemover”

  1. I have seen it with lights on before while riding on Peoplemover (it was called WED more than 10 years ago), not because it’s 101. Because one of the coasters got stuck. Interesting!

  2. Great video! I’ve always wanted to see Space Mountain with the lights on and you did an awesome job capturing it. Of course, I haven’t been back in 7 years and now I’m dying to ride the People Mover and stay at Port Orleans…

  3. Speaking of Space Mountain, what is going on with it? We just returned from WDW, and of the 3 days we visited MK, SM was not operating 2 of the days. We thought the big overhall a few years ago would have cured its ills, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. Let’s hope the Thunder Mountain overhall has better success.

  4. Love it! I’ve always wanted to see the inside with the lights on.

    Hands down the one I most want to see is Spaceship Earth. Is it wrong to hope the ride gets stuck someday while I’m on it so I have to walk through to get out?

    I’d also love to see Haunted Mansion and Pirates.

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