Disneyland to bring back PeopleMover?

When the President of Disneyland hints the PeopleMover is returning to the resort, can you take him at his word? This is the question going through the minds of Disney fans today. A D23’s Destination D mini-expo a fan asked park president George Kalogridis if it could come back. And surprisingly, George was ready with an answer.

The answer was a qualified Yes. Yes, they’re aware of the ride’s popularity, but No, It couldn’t come back in the same form, on the same track, as before. This is due to regulations that would require changes in design if opening a new people mover in the park. But he ended on a cautiously optimistic note of ‘stay tuned.’

Technology surrounding Personal Rapid Transit has progressed a lot since the mid-1960s. If Disney was to bring back a PRT/people mover type attraction, would you want it to retain its retro look and just navigate around Tomorrowland? Or should it function as an actual transportation device, perhaps shuttling guests to and from remote parking or a third themepark. What do you think?

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7 thoughts on “Disneyland to bring back PeopleMover?”

  1. I’m definitely a peoplemover enthusiast and would love to see the ride return to Disneyland in any form they choose. But it would be great to see an updated green-energy version that could serve as a model for municipalities around the globe that might be considering implementing such a transit system. I think that’s what Walt would do.

    And as for WDW, I would love to see the current peoplemover expanded to include a new loop that would drop and pick people up at the ToonTown Fair train station. Then it really would be a transit system that moved people to different locations. Wish I knew who to talk to at WDW to make this suggestion.

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  4. The problem with this ride at Disneyland is that it uses the platen-driven tires, which are a maintenance nightmare. It can’t use the linear induction motors that were installed at Disney World’s Magic Kingdom because of the steep grades at Disneyland. Magic Kingdom’s version is all on one level.

  5. I want the latter option – a transit system around the resort, elevated. This would free up more room on the ground level from trams and such, or the trams can be a supplement. Even if they use a system like the WDW MK, some way can be found,I’m sure, around the elevation change issue.

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