• Descendants 3 – The Villain Kids are back
    Descendants 3

    You didn’t think Descendants 2 was the end of the story did you? A legion of “Descendants” fans received confirmation of the long-awaited news of a third movie in the series of Disney Channel Original Movies. A special message from ‘Mal’ (daughter of Maleficent), which aired during tonight’s ‘Zombies‘ on…

  • “Maleficent” sequel being scripted for Disney

    Disney has hired Linda Woolverton, screenwriter for “Maleficent,” to return and pen its sequel. The studio is reportedly keeping Angelina Jolie closely in the loop in hopes she will return to star. The first “Maleficent” did well for Disney in a slow box office year conjuring $758.4 million worldwide (and…

  • The Isle of the Lost – book review

    The next Disney Channel Original Movie is Disney’s Descendants. It’s coming to Disney Channel on July 31. Want to get ready for what looks like the best DCOM in a long time? There’s a backstory to the movie that the Disney Hyperion book group has released as a novel by…

  • Disney’s Descendants Trailer arrives

    Disney’s “Descendants” arrives this summer as new Disney Channel Original Movie. The first trailer for the new movie gets us an extended look at the contemporary world that’s created when the children of heroes and villains encounter each other in a school setting. Okay, that looks suitably campy for a…

  • 8-Bit Fantasmic
    8-Bit Fantasmic

    Walt Disney World’s digital team has created this great video game trailer for an 8-bit version of the epic battle between Mickey Mouse and Maleficent in Disney’s Hollywood Studios popular night show Fantasmic. If only this was a real game. Sadly, it’s just vaporware.

  • DVD Review: Maleficent Brings Fire to Fairytale retold
    DVD Review: Maleficent Brings Fire to Fairytale retold

    With the hit movie Maleficent, Disney took on a big challenge, not only would the attempt to retell the story of Sleeping Beauty, one of Walt Disney’s animated classics, but they’d be doing it in live-action. However, as soon as everyone heard that Angelina Jolie would be in the title…

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