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D23 Expo Recap: Day 2

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Hello, and welcome to the D23 Expo, Day 2 (for more expo coverage read my D23 Expo Day 1 and Alison’s D23 Expo Day 3 recaps!) where things were taken up a big ol’ notch. I know, I couldn’t believe it either.

This is where you say, “How in the world did they top the first day? Nothing could be sweeter than Kermit the Frog and Rowlf the Dog singing a tribute to the late, great Jim Henson! Nothing could be better than Dick Van Dyke in concert!

Fair enough. However, where Day 1 was a tip of the hat to Disney legends, Day 2 was about the now and the immediate future. Hence John Lasseter introducing Billy Crystal to a standing ovation (Lasseter also received a standing ovation) while discussing the upcoming Pixar film Monsters University. Also, Jason Segel coming out with Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy to discuss the new Muppet Movie. And of course, the Avengers assembling. On stage. That’s right, with the exception of the Hulk and Captain America, the entire team came out to watch a trailer that they had never seen. Robert Downey, Jr. made us watch it twice. Basically, it was a parade of celebrities (including Jennifer Garner, Sarah Silverman, and Jon Cryer, to name but a few) and Disney awesomeness (including Rich Ross, Andrew Stanton, and Marvel’s Kevin Feige, to again name but a few). My inner geek setting was at 11.

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Magic Kingdom the Movie? It Could Happen

A few years before Pirates Of The Caribbean went into production, a rumor went around that Disney Studios was actively looking at Disneyland’s attractions for possible movie properties. Multiple scripts were written for a Haunted Mansion movie before that horrible one was finally made. Then… Read More »Magic Kingdom the Movie? It Could Happen

List of Changes Disney’s Made Since Monorail Death

I’m trying to compile a list of known changes made to procedures or operations at Walt Disney World since the Monorail Accident that resulted in the death of one monorail pilot. If you can help me add anything I’m missing I’d appreciate it. Guests are… Read More »List of Changes Disney’s Made Since Monorail Death

Disney adds special NBA Finals shirts

Despite the first game blowout, I’m still hoping for a competitive series in the NBA Finals “Fairytale” series. It appears that Disney is as well as they’ve just unveiled a special NBA Finals T-shirt collection featuring Mickey and the gang. They’re available just in time… Read More »Disney adds special NBA Finals shirts

Friendly Wager between Disneyland and Walt Disney World ‘mayors’ for NBA playoffs

It has become a tradition among the mayors of towns involved in a sports championship to make a friendly wager hooked to which team wins out. Usually the prize is food or some sort or wearing the other teams jersey for a day. Since this is now known as the Disneyland Vs. Disney World NBA finals (a fact I’m sure makes Disney’s marketing gurus happy beyond belief despite its origin on TNT sports) it only makes sense that the ‘mayors’ of those two theme parks and resorts make their own wagers.

meg crofton magic mickey ears

Walt Disney World President Meg Crofton and Disneyland President Ed Grier have decided to take the team jersey approach and will wear Mickey Mouse ears with the opposing teams colors if their city’s team loses.

Lakers Celebration at Disneyland

I lived in Los Angeles during the Shaq/Kobe championship runs. That was quite an amazing time for a sports fan. Of course, now I live in Orlando. So who do I root for? I have to say my heart is with the Orlando Magic. They’re a great team and its a deserving community. Plus they’re named ‘Magic’ how can you get more Disney than that?

The full press release is below the cut:

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More Magical Fun added to Disney Magic after dry dock visit

The next set of guests to board the Disney Magic will enjoy an extra dose of pixie dust during their journey. The Disney Magic just left two weeks in dry dock and now offers more options for adults, children and families that experience Disney Cruise Line magical vacation.

The changes are hard to miss, especially on the pool decks: additions were made to the Mickey Splash Zone with a Fantasia’s Sorcerer’s Apprentice overlay, and a splash of upscale elegance was added to the adult-only Quiet Cove pool area. Other modifications have been made to the staterooms with 22 inch flat-screen LCD television sets. I think the Fantasia Overlay at the Mickey Splash Zone Pool will be a big hit.

Photo courtesy Disney. The full press release is below the cut:
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