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Backstage Peek at 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea Attraction

Safety must come first, so sometimes when you’re walked off an attraction at a Disney theme park you get to view a bit of how the magic is made because that’s just the safest thing to do. That’s the case during a recent ride stoppage at 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea at Tokyo Disney Sea. Here’s a video from a rider who took out their camera and now shares these backstage views with us.

Have you ever been walked off an attraction? What was the coolest thing you saw?

23 thoughts on “Backstage Peek at 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea Attraction”

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  2. I, fortunately, haven’t been walked off an attraction yet. However, I was riding the TTA once when they had to close down Space Mountain. I got to see the track with the lights on and without the projection. The entire track and ceiling of the attraction is painted a medium grey and looked entirely different than with the lights on.

    This was back when you could also look up from the queue and see the track and riders above.

    I’ve done the Backstage Magic tour and Keys to the Kingdom tour. I really enjoy seeing the amazing art and engineering that goes into creating the “magic”.

    It’s cool too see the sets for 20,000 Under the Sea. My wife and I spent a great deal of time at Tokyo DisneySea during our honeymoon a couple of years ago.

  3. This is such a cool attraction – like a mix between Peter Pan and the old Submarine Voyage. I wish they would bring it stateside in some form or another. Also the Japanese cast members are so polite and nice. Great. Now I miss Tokyo. Thanks a lot, guys.

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  6. I’ve been walked off of the people mover. Got to see Space Mountain with the lights off, very different experience. It was a little nerve-wracking walking along the tracks however as it’s a narrow path and there were a couple spots we had to take a big step over a hot spot or something like that. I’ve been backstage a few times, once when I was in marching band for Magic Music Days and my aunt also worked for the utility dept, and took me through the underground tunnels. Backstage isn’t really that exciting, lots of characters without their heads, storage, food carts, vehicles, etc.

  7. We got walked off Splash Mountain once and had a chance to snap a pic of me mugging with that animatronic bird on the sign at the end of the ride. Unfortunately, our camera jammed! And now that they’ve installed lap bars in the logs, I foresee a lot fewer ride stops and evacuations…

  8. I got to ride Indiana Jones Adventure a couple months after it opened, and apparently they were still working out the bugs because the entire ride broke down right when our jeep was crossing the bridge. All the lights were turned on and we had to walk back to the loading area, crossing the bridge and through an emergency exit somewhere near the skeleton passageway. As an 8-year old, it was amazing to see that the “unstable” bridge was completely solid, and that the eye wasn’t really magical and wouldn’t turn me into a skeleton!

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  23. I was stuck in the Dinosaur ride at Animal Kingdom once for about 15 minutes. We were parked right by a dino that continued to animate and roar the entire time. Finally they gave up and walked us off. With the light on it looks like a giant warehouse with props inside. I have some video or photos somewhere. I’ll try to find them and post.

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