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List of Changes Disney’s Made Since Monorail Death

I’m trying to compile a list of known changes made to procedures or operations at Walt Disney World since the Monorail Accident that resulted in the death of one monorail pilot. If you can help me add anything I’m missing I’d appreciate it.

  • Guests are no longer allowed to ride in the nose cone with the monorail pilots.
  • Added new sensors to all monorail switches and the spur line.
  • Added additional set of visual confirmation to all switches.
  • Require Monorail Pilots to drive forward through the switch from the EPCOT loop to the Magic Kingdom express look. This requires moving from the forward cab to the back cab in the EPCOT station and then backing out until they’ve passed the switch.
  • Monorail Control Coordinator is no longer allowed to leave the monorail station area without having a qualified replacement taking that position. It’s unclear if they’re also required to stay in the tower when trains are switching beams.
  • Three employees involved in the incident have been suspended with pay pending the results of the investigation.
  • The Behind the Magic Steam Train tour at Magic Kingdom has been canceled through October 12th. This is probably due to the close proximity of the train barn to the monorail barn. They’re in the same building behind the MK.

Some of these are just temporary changes and some will likely become permanant pending the results of the OSHA and NTSB reports.