Is 3-D Cinema Failing Again?

The’s Ben Fritz reports “3-D Starting to Look Flat at the Box Office“.

The ratio of grosses in theaters with 3-D screens to those that are 2-D only has declined significantly and fairly consistently since “My Bloody Valentine,” the first film this year to play on a mix of both, suggesting audience interest in the new format is waning.

He notes…

The more theaters with 3-D screens there are in a given region, the more they may split audiences interested in the technology and thus lower their average gross.

It’s also possible that as 3-D releases increase in frequency — “Up” came out four and a half weeks before “Ice Age,” “G-Force” follows just three weeks later — audiences become a little less enchanted by what they get for their extra money.

3-D at the cinema has come and gone before.  I think this time it will stick.  Some studios and exhibitors have been pushing for it as a way to combat piracy.

Have you gone to see the latest 3-D releases?  What were your thoughts?  Did you see a 2-D screening of the same film?  Do you think it is worth an extra cost?