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Lights Motors Action hero car nearly sheers off roof in scary accident today

Update: Video of the accident has now been uploaded to YouTube.

Also another angle on Instagram:

Notice how the red light is blinking on the two black cars, that’s an indicator they are in emergency stop mode.

Original post below:

The Lights Motors Action stunt car show at Disney’s Hollywood Studios has been known to have an accident every now and then. It’s a stunt show, things are going to happen. The good news is that Disney and the professional team of stunt people involved in the show work hard to ensure everyone’s safety.

But some times things go wrong like today. Disney fan Tony Caggiano was in the audience at Light’s Motors Action today and just happened to be running a roll of 30 quick frames off on his camera during the big finale when the red hero car jumps out of the building on the back of the set, down a ramp, and then jumps across the water moat at the front.

Not everything went as planned


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“Cars 2” Star Added to Stunt Show

Photo courtesy Flickr user IceNineJon via CC-License Last week, Disney’s Hollywood Studios welcomed the very first public run of a new segment in the Lights, Motors, Action! Extreme Stunt Show.¬†Featuring the popular character Lightning McQueen, this segment is just about 5 minutes in length, and… Read More »“Cars 2” Star Added to Stunt Show

Cars 2 Segment Coming to Lights, Motors, Action

I was recently sent a little snippet from a podcast created by Ken Tangen that reveals some interesting details about an upgrade to the car and motorcycle stunt show that performs at both Paris Disneyland’s Walt Disney Studios and Walt Disney World’s Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Yep, that’s Lights, Motors, Action.

You may have heard about a little movie from Pixar coming out this summer. It’s Cars 2, of course. And where better to promote a movie featuring a little red race car than a stunt show that also features a little red car.

I had heard that the Herbie segment would be replaced by Lightning McQueen, but I didn’t realize how extensive the new segment would be. According to the interview with Rob Pottorf, who composed the music for the segment, there will be an 4-5 minute segment with Tow Mater animated on the screen and a stunt car version of Lightening McQueen (and a bad guy) driving around and but not really doing stunts.

If you want to get a sneak peak, it has already debuted in Paris. You can see a video from that park below the jump:

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In which another Disney Stunt cast member is injured

Today there was another story about a Disney cast member injured while performing a stunt in one of the theme parks shows, Lights! Motors! Action! in this case. They’re okay, but the injury required a trip to the hospital for treatment. The accident only made… Read More »In which another Disney Stunt cast member is injured