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Closing date announced for Lights, Motors, Action: Extreme Stunt Show at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Update: it seems the closures are a little more extensive than Disney first related. New details added below


This may come as a surprise to some, but Disney’s Hollywood Studios is about to undergo a major expansion with the addition of new lands inspired by Lucasfilm’s Star Wars and Pixar’s Toy Story movies. The promise of new additions, means the closure of others.

Hollywood Studios has recently said farewell to a number of meet and greets, the premiere theatre, the Streets of America (including the Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights) and the Backlot Tour including Catastrophe Canyon. It was assumed that more areas and attractions would also be closing soon. But no official list had been released.

Today we learned that Lights, Motors, Action: Extreme Stunt Show was on that list and is closing forever as of April 2, 2016. That’s just a few months for you to get to the park and enjoy one of the last shows.

Also closing are some of the Streets of America areas around the show.

Update: it seems the closures are a little more extensive than Disney first related

The iconic Mickey Mouse ear’d “Earffel Tower” will come down, as will the meet and greet with Mike and Sulley from Monsters, Inc, the Studio Catering Co counter service restaurant, and Honey I Shrunk the Kids Movie Set Adventure.

Honey I Shrunk the Kids: Movie Set Adventure opened in December 1990 and was based on the 1989 film, “Honey, I Shrunk the Kids.” The playground featured oversize props and 30-foot-tall blades of grass to make guests feel like they too had been shrunk to the size of an ant.

Lights, Motors, Action is based on the original stunt show from Walt Disney Studios Park in Disneyland Paris Resort. It opened in May of 2005 and featured 40 minutes of stunts with cars, motorcycles, and (when they could get them to work) jet skis. The show was designed around replicating a real movie shoot and highlighted the safety and professionalism required to pull off these dangerous stunts. Plus, there was a lot of pyrotechnics, which made the crowds ooh and ahh.

The other great thing about LMA was that it soaked up 5,000 people a show, which had the effect of making Hollywood Studios feel a lot less busy when a show was on. With many attractions closed during construction, DHS will have to really up its game to make sure there is plenty to see and do during this expansion.

Will you still visit Hollywood Studios during all the construction or will you wait until the new rides are open?

11 thoughts on “Closing date announced for Lights, Motors, Action: Extreme Stunt Show at Disney’s Hollywood Studios”

  1. We are due to go this summer and there seems to be something closing on a monthly basis. Will be great to return when its all done but less things here means less time here and maybe more time spent with my favourite Harry Potter

  2. I’ll be going. There will definitely be less to do, but I enjoy watching the construction process to see the creativity come to life.

    Did I hear correctly that the Earful Tower will also be demolished?

  3. I think we all figured the Lights Motors Action show would be closing. It’s right in the middle of areas that are set for demolition (Streets of America and Backlot Tour areas), so that’s no surprise. Glad we saw it last month for a final time, even though it was not something we did on every trip.

    I’m a bit surprised by the news that the Earffel Tower is coming down. Again, not really surprising if you think about it, since it’s really not visible from within the park now that the Backlot Tour doesn’t go back into that area of the park.

    It’s going to be painful to visit DHS during the next few years, with so much of the park under construction, forcing all the guests to crowd into a much smaller area. I think it will all be worth it, though, once it’s done. I have a feeling it’ll blow all our minds.

  4. Disney Mike there is an easy way to avoid the pain. Just don’t go. As a local pass holder my typical stay at a park is about 4 to 5 hours and honestly I’m not sure there will be enough to do at HS to fill that amount of time. But hey the place was getting pretty dates and does need an update. Looking forward to 2018.

  5. I have always enjoyed MGM/DHS. Won’t be sorry to see LMA closed. However, I wish WDW wasn’t hitching its wagon to Star Wars. And Toy Story, really? There are some real Disney classics to build a “theme land” around. I wouldn’t choose these. Once these themes go in, they will be in for life. Not a reason for me to go to DHS and probably more of a reason to stay away. I am sure this is to compete with Universal, but who are you trying to attract? The Harry Potterr Crowd? Who cares? Stick with the Disney enthusiasts. I’ve been going to WDW for more years than I care to say (let’s just say it’s a long time). Never had a desire to go to ” the other place”.

    I like / liked the old school Hollywood feel of MGM/DHS. I was happy to see “the hat” gone.

    I wish WDW would do more to keep the charm of DHS. I don’t think SW is a good fit.

    I recently visited California Adventure. This by far is one of Disney’s best parks. WDW could take a page from CA as they expand DHS. The Alladin show is absolutely amazing. Talk about attractions to make the place feel a little more empty. Put 2 theatres like that in DHS and it will definitely feel less crowded.

    I’m all for expansion, But, keep the charm.

    1. No more Aladdin show :( doing away with it so we can get a new frozen one (so over the frozen craze) I will miss the genie most of all :(

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  7. We just went this past Fall, our kids loved! the honey I shrunk the kids play area. It was a good way to relax and let the kids run amok. Oh well the next time we go the kids will probably be too big for it. I’m said to see it go, lots of memories and good pictures.

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