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In which another Disney Stunt cast member is injured

Today there was another story about a Disney cast member injured while performing a stunt in one of the theme parks shows, Lights! Motors! Action! in this case. They’re okay, but the injury required a trip to the hospital for treatment.

The accident only made it to the news because the performer was taken to the hospital for their injuries, but guess what? Injuries come with the job of a stunt performer. A performer injured in the course of a stunt is no news story. Now, if equipment failed, or the accident could have been prevented, or a similar story, now that’s news.

Every time I see the show, I’m impressed by the stunt drivers in LMA. Their ability to perform the same stunts with precision day after day is simply amazing. Even the non-stunt performers do a great job keeping up the shows energy while the long setup and teardown between each stunt occurs.

Next time you’re at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, make sure to catch this amazing show. And, if a performer does get injured, marvel at the professionalism of the safety crew who is there right away to make sure they’re not injured any further and immediately get the care they need.

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