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Hong Kong Disneyland

Hong Kong Disneyland fine tuning strategy

The word coming from Disney’s first mainland Asia theme park these days is that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. The park is reporting higher attendance levels attributed to the “Year Of the Mouse” festival and Disney attuning its offerings to… Read More »Hong Kong Disneyland fine tuning strategy

Hong Kong’s Ocean Park Does Well vs. HKDL

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David Pierson writes in the Los Angeles Times about Ocean Park in Hong Kong, and compares and contrasts it to Hong Kong Disneyland. With Allan Zeman’s help, the government-owned park has since set attendance records while Disneyland has suffered one blow after another, even failing to reach attendance goals. And Zeman, whose bald head and… Read More »Hong Kong’s Ocean Park Does Well vs. HKDL

Morning Roundup – June 27 reports that early autopsy results indicate the teenage girl who died while riding Rock’n’Roller Coaster at Disneyland Resort Paris did not die from trauma. This lends weight to the tragic of pre-existing conditions contributing to the death. Inspections also found no mechanical malfunction on the attraction and it has since re-opened. The original motion… Read More »Morning Roundup – June 27

In Recognition of All Disney Parks

All of us have a preference for a specific park, a specific resort, or even a specific hotel. We are all very different, so this is not too surprising. However, one of the more disturbing results of this is that many fans have to prove to everyone that their preference should be shared by the… Read More »In Recognition of All Disney Parks

What About Bob (Iger)?

Joseph Menn of the Los Angeles Times takes a look at what Disney CEO Bob Iger has been doing, and how he’s been doing it. In his short tenure, Iger has amassed goodwill by patching up feuds he inherited from his predecessor, Michael Eisner. Yet he has limited his public exposure to carefully selected events,… Read More »What About Bob (Iger)?

Ocean Park Thriving With Hong Kong Disneyland Competition

According to China Hospitality News, Hong Kong Ocean Park is doing well even with competition from Disney, but they are still postponing plans for mainland China. Looks like China is the new hot market to consider opening up a theme park. Allan Zeman said that a lot of cities from the mainland are contacting them… Read More »Ocean Park Thriving With Hong Kong Disneyland Competition

Hong Kong Disneyland Merchandise

Hong Kong Disneyland officially opens September 12th. But via the magic of the internet here’s a quick pointer to some great merchandise from the park. has managed to secure availability of some souveniers and pins that are exclusive to the new theme park. I’m thinking of getting this Stitch Mug myself. Update: I forgot… Read More »Hong Kong Disneyland Merchandise

Hong Kong Disneyland, the conspiracy files…

Hong Kong Disneyland’s Public Relations Department must feel like they’re under attack. Now it’s college students alledging that the Hong Kong government is secretly cutting Disney some slack when it comes to laws and regulations. At the same time back in the states Disney is fighting off accusations that the independant auditor they hired to… Read More »Hong Kong Disneyland, the conspiracy files…