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Hong Kong Disneyland

Hong Kong Disneyland, now accepting reservations

According to a story on the hotel resorts at Hong Kong Disneyland are now accepting ressies for the September opening. Whether this will be a stunner or a bummer remains to be seen, but Disney’s first foray into the Chinese themepark market is bound to make waves.

Hong Kong Disneyland closer to opening

The Disney Company has set their sites on Asia as the next big untapped consumer market. Hong Kong Disneyland is likely just their first step into the huge Chinese market. I doubt they’ll let let little things like Fire Ants stop them, although the press is making a big story out of it. Memo to… Read More »Hong Kong Disneyland closer to opening

More Hong Kong Fun

Missed this on yesterday. It’s a press release with plenty more details on the Hong Kong Disneyland project. The park sounds small, but they’re building it on the theory that you always leave them wanting more. When the park opens multiple new attractions are supposed to be under construction to open over the following… Read More »More Hong Kong Fun

Hong Kong Redux

The sloppily drawn contract between Disney and Hong Kong does not even have a clause preventing Disney from opening other parks in China. Also not mentioned in the press release are the massive cost over-runs due to dioxin in the soil at the Penny Bay site (and more besides from FoE) and the pollution problem… Read More »Hong Kong Redux