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Hong Kong Disneyland

Adventureland: Hong Kong

Adventureland is the biggest land at Hong Kong Disneyland. It sort of sucks up what would be both Adventureland and Frontierland in any other Magic Kingdom style Disney theme park. has 16 pages of amazing photos from the Hong Kong Park. That completes all the lands of the new park. You can see all… Read More »Adventureland: Hong Kong

Hong Kong Disneyland Main Street Revealed

Hong Kong Disneyland (new website!) is nearing completion. Training for employees is well underway (500 have already worked at Walt Disney World and will pass that experience along), most of the tiny details that make Disney theme parks so special have been installed, and I must say the park looks great.’s "Tales from the… Read More »Hong Kong Disneyland Main Street Revealed

Hong Kong Disneyland… or is that whiner land?

Hong Kong Disneyland has been in the news as much for the ticky tacky things that plague a new themepark as it has for the fact that it’s the first Disney theme park in China, which is the real story here. They’ve had problems with pollution, unexploded WWII shells, roving packs of dogs, shark fin… Read More »Hong Kong Disneyland… or is that whiner land?

A Peek at Hong Kong Disneyland has just posted some amazing pictures of the new train station outside Hong Kong Disneyland, the esplanade leading up to the entrance, and some eerily familiar photos of the train station that graces the main entrance to the park. Hmmm. Is that Lee and Lindsay taking the photos. Why do you think they’re at… Read More »A Peek at Hong Kong Disneyland

Wet Disney Dreams in Shanghai?

Hot on the heals of the Korean Disney park ‘announcement’ comes a bit of speculative news from Shanghai. The article states "the sources said the park will be four times bigger than Hong Kong’s Disneyland," which sounds like someone’s wet dreams to me. Disney Corporate claims to have very valid business reasons for building these… Read More »Wet Disney Dreams in Shanghai?

News Roundup

Don’t have much time to post recently, if you haven’t noticed. But I’m working on it. If you happened to visit the new OrlandoSentinel website this morning you would have seen these three stories in the news. The Weinstein Brothers are emptying the storage closet ahead of their departure from the Disney fold. A few… Read More »News Roundup

Hong Kong Disneyland workers train at Disney World

For the 6 weeks that I’ve been in Orlando and frequently visit the Disney themeparks here it has been easy to notice the presense of 500 workers from Hong Kong (CNN is running a story today). They all wear a bright red ribbon beneath their nametags. The ribbon identifies them as being from Hong Kong… Read More »Hong Kong Disneyland workers train at Disney World

Pic of CM only poster for Disneyland’s 50th Celebration

Steve has posted the latest Walt Disney World CM free gift. It’s a poster celebrating the 50 years of themepark dominence by the Walt Disney Company. Topped by the original park, Disneyland and including the four other locations around the world that Disney has expanded this concept. I note a few errors here. First Disneyland’s… Read More »Pic of CM only poster for Disneyland’s 50th Celebration