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Hong Kong’s Ocean Park Does Well vs. HKDL

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David Pierson writes in the Los Angeles Times about Ocean Park in Hong Kong, and compares and contrasts it to Hong Kong Disneyland.

With Allan Zeman’s help, the government-owned park has since set attendance records while Disneyland has suffered one blow after another, even failing to reach attendance goals. And Zeman, whose bald head and rail-thin body bring to mind Mr. Burns from "The Simpsons," without the evil, has just scored another coup: a gift of two toddler pandas from Beijing.

The piece ties the competition into the indentity of Hong Kong, which transferred from Great Britain to China about ten year ago.

On a personal note, thanks to John for the congratulations.  My new status as father is keeping me away from blogging here much, but eventually I’ll get back on track under a new sense of normalcy.