Hong Kong’s Ocean Park Does Well vs. HKDL

David Pierson writes in the Los Angeles Times about Ocean Park in Hong Kong, and compares and contrasts it to Hong Kong Disneyland.

With Allan Zeman’s help, the government-owned park has since set attendance records while Disneyland has suffered one blow after another, even failing to reach attendance goals. And Zeman, whose bald head and rail-thin body bring to mind Mr. Burns from "The Simpsons," without the evil, has just scored another coup: a gift of two toddler pandas from Beijing.

The piece ties the competition into the indentity of Hong Kong, which transferred from Great Britain to China about ten year ago.

On a personal note, thanks to John for the congratulations.  My new status as father is keeping me away from blogging here much, but eventually I’ll get back on track under a new sense of normalcy.