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A father and son moment

On this day when we all are hoping the box office numbers reveal another Pixar/Brad Bird success with "Ratatouille", I found this touching heart warming story about how Bird’s earlier film, "The Iron Giant" made for a great Father/Son moment…

Because I watched the movie last night, for the whateverth time, and it
was different. It was different because it was the first time that I’ve
watched it with Atticus since he’s been able to follow, enjoy, and be
mesmerized by the storyline and his own overwhelming passion for
anything robot.

It was the first time we talked about death, and killing, and it was the first time I saw him sad with regard to such things.

"It’s bad to kill," they say in the film, "But it’s okay to die."

don’t paint it any more true or simple than that. It is moving. It
moves 4-year-old boys full of wonder and innocence, and their hardened
36-year-old fathers, equally.

Who wrote this tender piece? Why The Disney Blog’s own Whit Honea. I guess he’s too humble to post it here. But I think we’ll all be a little richer for the experience. Please read the rest

1 thought on “A father and son moment”

  1. Wow, thanks John. I just didn’t want anyone over here to think I’m sensitive. I know I have a tough guy image on the streets of The Disney Blog.

    I do loves me some Iron Giant.

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