New “it’s a small world” photos with Disney Characters

It’s not the changes that are expected to come to Disneyland’s original version of the classic “it’s a small world” attraction, but the Hong Kong Disneyland version does feature little Small World dolls all dressed up like Disney characters. Hong Kong Disneyland Source website has some early photos before the attraction opens to the public.

It sounds like the Disneyland version would feature more stylized versions of the characters.

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2 thoughts on “New “it’s a small world” photos with Disney Characters”

  1. If this is anywhere close to what is going to be in Disneyland’s version I think there is a bunch of whining over nothing. I saw the woody picture and was like oh my gosh! they killed it. Then I saw the other pictures and didn’t care anymore. Looks tasteful to me.

  2. Okay, so I’ll really mourn the loss of the rain forest. But if the character additions in Anaheim’s version are similar to those photos of Hong Kong, I don’t know what everyone’s having a cow about. Jeesh.

    You can barely tell they’re characters, and they’re not iconic characters. If someone hadn’t told me that was Cinderella, I would have though it was just some princess in front of a castle. Exactly who I would expect in front of a castle…not a mouse or a penguin or a robot, but a princess with her prince. Or maybe a king and queen.

    Ditto with Aladdin or Ariel. It’s a boy on a flying carpet and a mermaid–both perfectly suitable for the scenes they’re in. They’re not any less appropriate because the movies were made. Princesses, mermaids and Aladdin are not Disney-created characters anyway. They’re part of a larger mythology and are very appropriate for an attraction like iasw.

    Woody, on the other hand, does seem out of place. I’ll give the purists that one. Save it’s a small world from Woody, for heaven’s sake!!

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