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Star Wars Weekends 2009 Dates Announced

The dates for Star Wars Weekends have been announced for 2009. In a move that should make fans of the event happy, the dates for the first weekends have been moved back into May. It’s often less hot and less crowded (school is still in… Read More »Star Wars Weekends 2009 Dates Announced

David Archuleta talks American Idol Experience

Last year’s American Idol runner-up David Archuleta has a few suggestions for those interested in making their audition for Disney’s American Idol Experience the best it can be. Look for the attraction’s official opening on February 14th at Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Orlando, FL. However,… Read More »David Archuleta talks American Idol Experience

American Idol Experience, Disney Magic at its best

The set of The American Idol Experience.

I knew The American Idol Experience is in previews and I heard via a twitter from someone who had auditioned and made it into the 2pm show that there would be shows on Saturday, so I drove out to the Disney’s Hollywood Studios to sit in on three Saturday afternoon shows. I’m glad I did.

There is much to be happy with about the attraction, and, as always, a few rough edges that need to be cleaned up. But, hey, that’s what Soft Openings are for. Right?

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Disney’s Hollywood Studios update

We went to Disney’s Hollywood Studios on Saturday. If you hadn’t heard things are changing a bit around there. Until recently DHS was Disney World’s unloved stepchild. Always looked over when new projects came its way. What else explains all the Pixar based rides going… Read More »Disney’s Hollywood Studios update

American Idol Experience Attraction Tour

The marquee.

The American Idol Experience Attraction is currently in cast member previews at Disney’s Hollywood Studios and no photos are allowed. That means it’s very difficult to get pictures of the theater and set design. I hear the design looks just like the real thing from the popular TV version of American Idol.

But over the last few weeks, I have been able to walk around and get some great shots that give you a great idea of what you’re going to experience when you do get to see the show.

Up above you see the Marquee for the attraction. It features a giant screen that will be used to broadcast the shows when the theater fills up. It will probably do that frequently as the theater capacity is not that big for a show of this magnitude.

(more of the tour below the cut)

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American Idol Experience Audition Contestant Preview

There are a couple websites out there talking about what the guest experience will be like for those in the audience at the American Idol Experience, which is currently in soft-opening phase (which means not guaranteed to be open on any particular day and no golden tickets awarded) at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. But I’ve been given a few details from a couple first hand accounts of what the audition and show performance is like from those guests lucky(?) enough to pass the muster.

So if you’re considering auditioning. Heads up. Here’s your first look at what you’ll need to be prepared for.

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American Idol Experience Details

A little bird told me that the American Idol Experience was open to cast members for preview shows today. Comments so far are good to great. Additionally, there is a chance (a small chance) that AIE will be open for a soft-opening this weekend. I’m… Read More »American Idol Experience Details

Light up your House for Christmas the Disney Way

If you love the Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights at Disney’s Hollywood Studios then you’ll love this next video. Courtesy of Disney Parks Holiday Light Designer Mark O’Conner here are a few ways for you to light up your house this holiday the safe… Read More »Light up your House for Christmas the Disney Way