Star Wars Weekends 2009 Dates Announced

The dates for Star Wars Weekends have been announced for 2009. In a move that should make fans of the event happy, the dates for the first weekends have been moved back into May. It’s often less hot and less crowded (school is still in session in some places) during May.

Celebrity guests and events are still being determined. Hopefully they’ll reveal those soon so you can start booking rooms to see your favorite guests.

Here are the dates for the event:

May 22-24
May 29-31
June 5-7
June 12-14

Star Wars Weekends are held at Disney’s Hollywood Studios at the Walt Disney World Resort.

View the official Disney Star Wars Weekends site here.

7 thoughts on “Star Wars Weekends 2009 Dates Announced”

  1. This might make some fans happy. How about the fans like me, I will be arriving on the 18th of June. Why can’t they just try to keep a consistent timeframe for this.

  2. Why couldn’t it be later, like June 28th? Last year it ended the 1st day I arrived in Fla. and now I will miss the whole thing. NOT FAIR!!!!!!

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  4. We booked our trip to find out we will miss it as well, 9 year old is going to be disappointed. All advertisements say the month of June. Until I seen this.

  5. I agree with the other comments. We will be arriving June 15th — the day after it ends! Our whole family is Star Wars fans and we were looking forward to being there for it as it has always be advertised as the “entire month of June.” This site was the first we’d heard of the change.

  6. Sorry to hear your vacation fun has encountered the dark side. The change to being the whole month of June actually occurred in 2007 with the 30th Anniversary Celebration of Star Wars that happened on the last weekend of May. Disney didn’t want to compete with that date, and didn’t want to split the weekends up, so it moved them all to June. Previous to 2007 the event always started in the cooler days of May. This year returns to that format. I do think Disney could do a better job of getting the official weekends out there 6-9 months in advance.

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