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David Archuleta talks American Idol Experience

Last year’s American Idol runner-up David Archuleta has a few suggestions for those interested in making their audition for Disney’s American Idol Experience the best it can be.

Look for the attraction’s official opening on February 14th at Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Orlando, FL. However, the attraction is currently in previews.

4 thoughts on “David Archuleta talks American Idol Experience”

  1. He is adorable. Best person to promote something for Disney. Really, can you imagine another idol contestant to fit so well an advertise for Disney?
    He is young, adorable and so talented!

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  3. David is one of my favorite performers. David is an amazing singer. David would be great for any promo for Disney or anything. Even when I hear the song “Crush” on the commericals for the movie “New in Town”. I thought, now I have to go see the movie, because anything connected to my Archie is worth seeing. Much love.

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