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Motley Fool Foolish on Disney?

Disney is about to release a new Animated Film, but it’s not from Walt Disney Feature Animation, in fact it’s not from the Walt Disney Company at all. Valiant was created by Vanguard Studios and was bought for distribution by Disney. Motley Fool thinks Disney’s strategy is a little murky with this one. I have… Read More »Motley Fool Foolish on Disney?

Welcome Foolish Mortals

Latest population figures show there are 999 residents at home in the Haunted Mansion, and that they are always looking for #1,000, which might be any volunteer brave enough to enter. Yesterday was the Haunted Mansion’s 36th Birthday. In celebration, Robyn’s Talk Blog posts a bit of Disneyland history with a look at a 1975… Read More »Welcome Foolish Mortals

A Fool in the Virtual Magic Kingdom

The master plan is brilliant: Get folks to the parks. Then make sure they don’t forget about the parks when they return home. Along the way, a young generation will start thinking that Disney is cool again, and that’s crucial, since rival film studios are wresting the animation crown from Disney. At The Moteley Fool… Read More »A Fool in the Virtual Magic Kingdom

Long Live the Disney Magazine

Reading this post about the diminishing power of traditional media (via ) reminded me of the big news that Jim Hill Media broke yesterday, Disney Magazine has published its last issue (no official announcement on the website yet). Never able to recover after the end of The Magic Kingdom Club and unable to compete… Read More »Long Live the Disney Magazine

New Trend in Disney?

From Scotland of all places, we have news of a new Toy phenomenom sweeping Japan and soon the world. Of course the article is silent on one important detail… what are these little buggers called? Any ideas? Andy Mooney, Disney’s global chairman of consumer products said: "We literally have a phenomenon exploding that just started… Read More »New Trend in Disney?

Illuminating Fool

What is to become of Disney Animation? Is the brand already too watered down by the direct to video sequals and television quality animation passed off as feature animation? People are getting concerned. I’ll tell you why people are concerned. They think Disney’s lost its touch. Whether the Mickey Mouse company decides to hand off… Read More »Illuminating Fool

Dominic Monaghan, the lost boy?

Although some fans were skeptical when Monaghan chose a TV role, they quickly embraced Lost and the very different character of Charlie, says Cyndi Haulk, who runs The Dom Project ( USAToday runs an article on the growing strength of ABC’s Lost, and the convergence of the large fan base Dominic Monaghan brings to the… Read More »Dominic Monaghan, the lost boy?

An Incredible Message?

The story’s inciting incident is a flurry of short-sighted, foolish lawsuits against the much-needed superheroes for unintended property damage and unwanted saves, among others. John Edwards may well laugh along with the rest of the audience during this part of the movie, but perhaps he and his former colleagues on the bar should think about… Read More »An Incredible Message?