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Long Live the Disney Magazine

Reading this post about the diminishing power of traditional media (via ) reminded me of the big news that Jim Hill Media broke yesterday, Disney Magazine has published its last issue (no official announcement on the website yet). Never able to recover after the end of The Magic Kingdom Club and unable to compete in turn around time with the internet Disney fan sites, the Disney Magazine has ended its 40 year publishing run.

Sad news for the Disney fan, I think. I know there is a profitable model out there for a Disney centered magazine, it’s a shame the folks at Disney couldn’t work it out. At least, I certainly hope there a profitable model for magazines today, because my friends at have recently launched their own Disney magazine, Tales from the Laughing Place. Either they’re brilliantly positioned to take up some of the vacuum created from the close of the Disney Magazine, or they’re fools jumping on a sinking ship.

Here’s wishing it’s the genius option!

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