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Dominic Monaghan, the lost boy?

Although some fans were skeptical when Monaghan chose a TV role, they quickly embraced Lost and the very different character of Charlie, says Cyndi Haulk, who runs The Dom Project (

USAToday runs an article on the growing strength of ABC’s Lost, and the convergence of the large fan base Dominic Monaghan brings to the show.

I’m a huge fan of the show myself. Monaghan’s performance as Charlie, a troubled rock star, is always worth watching (as are the performances from the rest of the cast). Lost drew its largest audience to date, 18.7 million viewers, for a November 3rd episode that focused on Monaghan’s character. If you’re wondering where you may have seen this guy before… I’ll give you a hint: he’s no Fool of a Took.

That’s right. He also had a role as Meriadoc "Merry" Brandybuck in the recent epic triology The Lord of The Rings.

30 thoughts on “Dominic Monaghan, the lost boy?”

  1. dominic monaghan is so talented and gorgeous omg! hes deffinatly my favourite actorand his performance in Lst is awsome!they couldnt have picked a better guy for the role.

  2. dominic monaghan is the coolest gut in the world. when i get older i want to be just like him. Charlie is the best character on lost.

  3. i luv dominic soooooooo much! I want to marry him. he is the hottest hobbiton this side of middle earth. he has got to be the best actor, and he is the perfect height. brandybucks are the hottest hobbits by far!

  4. AAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!! Dominic rocks!!! Pleeeeeeease!!!!! Please post his email address or something somewhere where I will I will see it first thing!!! Hey, does Dom read this page? Do you even answer qwestions(yes I do know I spelled that wrong; I’m not completely stupid) posted on here? That would be awsome if you would do that! But,of course, you would have to ask Dom first. Argh! I sound obsessed! It’s really healthy to obsessed with anything, really. I just really really really really really reallyreallyreally reeeeaalllyyy think Dom rocks!! So if you could put Dominic’s address on here or something, that would totally rock!
    Signing off,

  5. Yeah, I look up to Dominic alot, I love the way he can be so liked so easiely, and hes so hansome, I really love his preformence in LOst.hes my favortie character in the show, sry if there are spelling errors, this bloody keyboard gets so annoying, LOl. i think that he was also great playing Merry in “The Lord of the Rings”
    and all his other little preformences! Omgarsh i hope that he can get other rolls, and writng to ‘lauren’ i really do hope that he reads this site, that would be totally awesome, if anyone knows his email address can you tell me, lol, ive always wanted to talk to him ever since I saw him in ‘lord of the rings’ when I was like….9 or 10 i think..something like that. Im so sry if I talk too much :) its just that I have alot to say!!
    well, i have to go for now, but if you guys eva wanna talk, lol, or like get his email address please email me at [email protected] it would be great to hear from you!

    Tou Jour!


  7. I think that Dom is my favorite actor, but I wouldn’t say im his biggest fan, he play’s a really neat guy who I think I act (and look a little bit) like.

    Three chears for Dom!!

    Jeff C.

  8. I <3 the Dom..
    I've loved him since his days in Hetty Wainthroppp.
    He's too cute.
    It's a Bummer than we don't get Lost over here yet =(

  9. I think that Dominic is a very bright and very atractive young man if i do say so my self i would love to meet him in person. anouther thing he is a very talented actor anddid the right thing excepting the role of Marry in The Lord O f The Rings. i must be on my way so ta ta for now and i hope i meet Dominic some day.

  10. Dominic Monaghan
    c/o Dallas Smith
    Peters Fraser & Dunlop
    Drury House
    34-43 Russell Street
    WC2B 5HA
    United Kingdom

    I heard that was Dom’s mum and dad’s address. he doesn’t live with them, but everyso often, they’ll sit down (his mum and dad) and read his fan mail and give him what they think he’ll like. So, MAKE IT SPECIAL! Also, since floods come in every day, it might take a while for you to get a reply (i hear about a year). Anyway, he requests that you put a return address on the enevelope and something about stamps…I don’t remember. Keep in mind, it’s not his mum’s favourite thing to do, so don’t send millions of letters!

  11. Dom Mon (my lil nickname for Dominic) is very hot, very kewl, and an incredible actor. God bless him!

  12. Dom Monaghan is my all time favorite actor. He is incredibly talented, and made me want to become an actress. Does he have an email adress?

  13. I heard something about that he himself said his email adress once in a interview! I need to search that interview!

  14. hey hey all dom monaghan fans, i think dom totally rocks (im sure everyone else on this site does to). Can’t wait to see lost (coming soon to channel 4). He kicked ass in the lord of the rings.I heard that he and Billy boyd are going to be working on a scripted, can’t wait to see that.

  15. For all you out there who think you are going to marry him you are sooooooooooooooooooooooooo wrong!!!! I am! He is hot, a great actor and did I mention he was HOT!! No other actor could possibly ever in the whole world for all eternity ever be as hot and cute as Dom is!!

  16. dominic is extremelt admirable and definatly a role model in my life! i mean who can walk into the street bafe foot and get away with it lol! definatly a hottie but its the talent that draws me to watch more and more of him, dont yuo think the change from a hobbitt to a druggie is miraculous! omg hes great!

  17. Hey Its Sarah A new memmber!
    O’ho my gosh Dom is so HOOOOOOT!!!!!!!!
    COM”ON girls very one say DOMINIC IS THE CUTEST BOY EVER #1.
    I love him i dream about him all the time. Who dose’nt
    if they don’t they are weird. don’t you thank so?
    He is my role modle because i want to be an actress and he is such a gooood an exmanple

  18. hey im in love with dom i cant explain in words how muuch im so upset he mite be askin evangeline to marry him! how do u even say tht name…?? o its not fair sum1 plz rite his email address! ahhh i wanna meet him ! :( ok i cant go on im gonna cry lol but gals i have a pic of his arse yummy!!!!!!!!!!!!! XXXXXXX emma h XXXXXX

  19. I totally agree with all you guys! I love Dom! He is an awesome actor…excpecially in Lost as Charlie…i think it would be really cool to meet him one day:D !

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