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Disney Mobile Rings Up Sales has a new article about how Disney Mobile is raking in the sales and providing great synergy with Disney’s existing products. From Cell Phone Wallpapers to ringtones, the products are affordable and aimed at the youth market.

"The kids are snapping up these ring tones,"
says Rubin. "They’ll spend $2 for a ring tone when they would rather
comb the file-sharing networks for hours rather than pay for a 99-cent

The next step for Disney Mobile? Their own cell phone company.

1 thought on “Disney Mobile Rings Up Sales”

  1. Disney is launching its new mobile phone in June. They plan to offer exceptional customer service, which will make them unique in the field. However, do not expect these results. Disney has outsourced its guest services to central Texas. The supervisors at this location do not have the skills necessary to allow cast members to provide such service.
    Plus you must have superior credit to even get approved. Once approved, you must pay 59.99 per phone, plus activation fees, plus a monthly fee for members on the plan. Let’s not forget the plan itself or any additional features you may wish to add.
    Overall, this will be a big disappointment for Disney fans.

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