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A Fool in the Virtual Magic Kingdom

The master plan is brilliant: Get folks to the parks. Then make sure
they don’t forget about the parks when they return home. Along the way,
a young generation will start thinking that Disney is cool again, and
that’s crucial, since rival film studios are wresting the animation
crown from Disney.

At The Moteley Fool Rick Munarriz writes about the strategic aspect of Disney’s VMK MMORG. I wish I had the time to play a little bit. 

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118 thoughts on “A Fool in the Virtual Magic Kingdom”

  1. I got banned for a month for asking other players for personal information. Only problem, I didn’t even ask ppl for it I told them to stop gr VMK – I am weird so what –

  2. Hey people
    that so sucks that u got banned till 2015
    im kinda crying because I know if that happened to me i would cry
    it’s because vmk is so fun.
    and u know what happened to me
    vmk banned me from going on vmk on my computer for a month
    so i cant go on vmk on my user or any other users until a month!
    i can only go to the local library!
    i know how u feel
    :( :(

  3. Hey people
    i am still banned for that month.
    i also noticed that now u cant go
    on at all on your computer. this
    new rule sucks. i was banned on my
    b-day too. my ban doesn’t end until
    may 21st gr. i have a boy and 149 other
    friends. i have my cousin to tell people
    i am banned though thank god. she told
    my boy so thats all good. Dang
    being banned till 2015 is rough i
    have a ? how long do u get
    banned after a month? tell plz
    also vmk bans ppl when they dont
    deserve to be banned and if u say
    the ban is unfair they never do anything
    about it! Yea I do love vmk
    but they are a little rough

  4. Hey people, what’s up?
    I just got a reply to the e-mail I sent the vmk staff about my ban being unfair ( finally! ) and they said they find the ban fair and just! I can’t believe them. They also said my ban should have expired well fyi to them it hasn’t!

  5. vmk is now boring and im starting to get dissapointed at it why? vmk has to many show offs like for example people doing their little inferno magic and saying HAHAHA not for trade you suck, my answer to that reason is who cares this is in theory suppose to be a game for children to have fun if I could runescape is better cause their are no showoffs if I did my level 60 saradomin strike to domeone doing inferno lol they would turn to ashes and who’s laughing now huh, lol, next time think before you talk.

  6. sorry about those errors let me correct them corrections, to have fun, if I could, next error, someone* their those are my errors lol.

  7. Hey Glacius, this goes out to you and anybody who agrees.

    VMK ROCKS IF U THINK NOT UR CRAZY! I stay on for taken it totally rocks

  8. well of course but everyone is entitled to their opinion but i still do play vmk very little but I like runescape alot better and its safer and their arent many showoffs so screw vmk. :P

  9. Wow… that’s harsh
    one time this girl tried to get me banned for cutting in line! Is that stupid or what?
    I didn’t even cut her. Thank goodness the staff didn’t care about it.

  10. really, vmk NEEDS to lighten up on punishments, i mean 2015! not to mention most of the time people dont even do anything wrong! like once i in a room with this girl who was acting really nasty, and i got banned for it, but i didnt do anything! and i hate how much people start dumb fights on vmk, at least on runescpae most of the time that does not happen!

  11. and once i was banned a month just bc they thought i used bad language but i didnt and couldnt!

  12. i cant believe i got banned its not fair!! but wait can I do. VMk please please let me back in the game i love it so much i am a good girl i never ment to do wat i did i was just joking come on!

  13. dear a VMK staff member,
    i was a fool and i really wish that you would unban me because i was joking around with them and it is a bad joke i no!! So please let me slide this one please i am sooo bored with out it i will do anything for you!

  14. For every action there is a reaction. Disney has established rules which players agree to when they join VMK. Breaking of the rules, whether through malice, ignorance or attempts at humor, is a violation- regardless of intent. The resulting punishment may seem severe or unfair, but the point is that it is pure consequence and not unwarranted discipline.

    As for a ban until 2015, that seems extreme for an internet game which most likely will not exist at that point, at least not in its current format. It sounds like Disney is handing out sugarcoated life sentences.

  15. Jack Skellington

    You people need to get real lives. VMK is for kids, not creepy adults and teens with no social life trying to get laid. You are all pathetic. VMK doesnt make any money for Disney and they’ll probably shut it down anyway. Then you’ll all have to go back to your sick sad little worlds.

  16. I got banned for a month, some person asked me for socks (you know what) and I said no. I report her, and I got banned. That just sucks. Oh VMK, why so harsh. I am so bored. I’m playing toontown, but vmk is so fun. What also sucked is that it was the High School Musical Day. Only 2 more weeks to go. :(

  17. dude i got banned from VMK for a month just for acting too adult like!!!!! omg how stuped is that!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. well i think i got banned for onlya day but being banned until 2015!! thats crazy!!
    i have to go on vmk everyday unless i will be grumpy.once i was on vmk for 12 hours straight!!

  19. YA my friend got banned from disneyland till… well FOREVER!!! ya he stuck his head in the water at splash mtn… LOL well sucks for all you people that gpt banned!

  20. Clara VMK person: ComicClara

    I got banned from VMK for 1 week once, It’s not that bad, I probably needed a little break. I get on for the fun and because this guy in school that’s my bestfriend and I like him alot gets on it. So hear it out: VMK ROCKS MY SOCKS!! (NO MATTER WHAT COLOR THEY ARE!!) I really don’t care If I get banned unless if they didn’t have a reason too. I wish we could show our religion. I mean I’m a Christian, I do not swear at all and I’m 12. I think VMK should net get us banned but maybe take some of our so called “good stuff” away. But not the rare. I love Disney, and you cannot change that about me:)

  21. i got band for a month for reporting a rooom that was scammming ppl and they said i was abusing the report box!i find it boring but i had nothing else to do

  22. You guys, just because they say they’ll ban you for 10 years, doesn’t mean they actually will. They told me I was, but I only got banned for two months!

  23. i got banned fo a month for not doingg a thing i only said sun of a (@$#%$) because someone was stalking me and harassing me and calling me names and i got banned for a whole month i wish i could talk to a VMK staff on the phone or something.If you have any questions e-mail me at [email protected] a great day i am so bored now that i can`t play vmk and it is summer and i have nothing to do.I am so so so so bored!!!!!!

  24. well i got banned for life ( 2016 ) and i snet them a bunch of apoligy letters… well i didn’t do anything wrong they said i was using ‘vulgar languiage’ or something like that, and i didn’t say anything agressive or curse or anything!!! i think it was bc tyhis one boy was cussing or something but seriously vmk needs to look more into who is saying what bc i am totally innocent and banned for life.. :( :( feel my pain!!!!
    neways my vmk name was nikitiki if ne of u know her (me) lol

  25. not know of your bussiness

    i am not given no info but am mad bc i was told a story on. I did not say nothing wrong! Am banned into 2016 also but it hurts i think vmk should be told on for banned ppl for no reason!

  26. not know of your bussiness

    well am mad tho but what ever i get back on i will be happy! But i was rich! cries lol

  27. not know of your bussiness !!

    hey am getting tried of vmk for real! they are mean to us kids! I was banned until 2016 they need to know a reason why i was banned!

  28. omg i got banned intell june 6, 2016 because i told somebody i had an ipod!!! u know way?? Screw Vmk…>=P

  29. well my friend kelli got banned 4 10 yrs. vmk should burn in deadly disney land i hate vmk you suck my feet and my feet stink real bad just ask kelli she knows!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. yeah guys i hate when ya get banned. 1 time this girl tried to get me banned bc i said no to her offer for my snowman magic! omg! the VMK staff didnt do anything but she got in trouble for “taking advantage” of contact us and report stuf…. so ttyl peeps I love VMK!!!! oh yeah the most i have ever been banned was half a hour lol

  31. hey i got banned on vmk until april 5 2016 ! how sucky is that? sometimes i just hate vmk. this is how i got banned i just went into someon’e room and it had this really nasty owner and she told me to get out or else so as i was getting out it told me i was banned!! i can’t live without vmk. I’ve written to them a lot do you think that they block your messages when you get banned permanently? hey jack skellington or just anyone can you give me some info about that situation because i have the same thing going on as most people here.

  32. i know about the contact us thing for vmk but i wrote to them like 3 times and they never ever wrote back and i don’t have aol. it says if you have aol it doesn’t work. I think they do block your messages if you are permanently banned which i hate because i have to go all the way to disneyworld or land just to ask the staff about it.

  33. i don’t think i would be interested in vmk in 10 years i will be 22 for pete sake. actually,I think vmk will be closed at that time it might not exist at that time.

  34. i got ban on my friends computer till 2020!at least it was on my friends computer. and she got ban till 2021 that was mean but i can still get on my other acounts . my name on vmk is kitty-katz but ppl call me cat on there and you can always find me at vmk high school or in east high but mostly vmk high . i wear a blue shirt and brown pants sometimes or a blue skirt witha cheerleading shirt im on usally at night but also in the day

  35. i really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really a thousand reallys later really really really really really really really really really really really really infinity more reallys – takes big breath – hate that person that got me banned when i no their name i will get some on to ban her for life and 2nd life too!

  36. i really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really a thousand reallys later really really really really really really really really really really really really infinity more reallys – takes big breath – hate that person that got me banned when i no their name i will get some on to ban her for life and 2nd life too!

  37. i know, why does vmk have to be so dang mean? And i also agree with #$#$# it’s almost like they don’t care about us kids. We just want to ahve fun for pete sake. Imean how does going into a room and saying hi then getting out cause of a nasty owner get you banned????!?!?!? I also hate the things they don’t allow to type on there. I mean i agree with the cuss words and personal info but they also went way too far now canceled some of the chat language. Well that’s all i have to say right now but i will think of more. By the way my name on Vmk WAAAS bravesamanthacool so if u were my friend can u tell me?

  38. lighten up vmk!! are any of u going to disneyworld soon be cause u can talk to the staff i know i am. Maybe if u tell me ur username i can tell them bout u too. but u have to tell me fast i’m going in 13 days! can’t wait

  39. well they were about how i got banned till 2016!! yea im really gonna reccomend this to EVERYONE. (recommend not to go there) vmk sucks my feet, i have athlete’s foot! i hope you get it in your mouth!!

  40. Samantha make another account if you want to go back on vmk.
    your already going to miss the slide competition its like members making there own Slide-a-thon

  41. This comment page is not being CLOSED vmk is fun but its just a little strict

    some of you are being very mean


  42. oh i have another ACCOUNT but they also banned my computer so its really boring thanx for the suggestion tho #$#$#

  43. samantha on my computer there is accounts one with each of my family’s name do you have this on your computer
    if so go on a different account not the on you were using when you got banned

  44. vmk isn’t workiing and it makesme super mad.
    They really have to lighten up I mean 2015?, that sucks

  45. your welcome just dont tell people who you are i get banned sometimes for going on another account not usually though

    one time i was banned for ten years
    for telling people i was manager of vmk to stop the baby stuff

  46. omg if you read the duh duh i mean e-dude-dude this is why im not on i got band for a year my ban almost over i think;( i really hope it almost over ill e happy:)

  47. hey all!!
    i love vmk so much but it is really strict for some reason.and ppl plz comment me back for what i am saying right now.if you ever want to find me on vmk my room is typhoon lagoon or a HSM cafe. my name on vmk is fairylila. look for me plz. plz tell me your name for vmk and room so i can find you
    bye bye! Brooke

  48. hey brooke i KNEW you on vmk i remember meeting you in the matterhorn. my username was bravesamanthacool. Oh one more ? do you have to pay for toontown. If so how much?

  49. i know this has nothing to do with vmk but does anyone know if downloading garage band costs money?

  50. hi everyone yes VMK is strict and all but they dont want you to do taken but the other stuff? i mean what is that? yes i got banned on my account with every single costume no lie except for feather hat!!! and i cant get back on make a new account people! i already got tons of costumes by doing that! gl everyone!

  51. hi :) well if anyone wants to be friends on VMK meet me somewhere! i have top hat for trade everyone!

  52. oh thats cool that you know me samantha! i got banned for a week for being too adult like! how stupid but they might have their ways of stretching it out

  53. i got banned untill 2016 and it sucks no matter how many times everyone says it i hope that i only get banned for a short while

  54. i was banned until 2016 but they said they lifted my ban!!!! i am soo excited. i can’t contain myself sorry for the people who are still banned. try writing a lot of messages to them they might unban u. i think the touching letter my friend wrote to them really touched them this time. (and it was accurate)

  55. Okay this is not fair, I used to like the staff, I mean I’m reading the things that people posted when they got banned and some bans that staff give us are so stupid! My sister was banned until 2015 (She’ll be 20 and won’t even care about VMK anymore) I guess staff are just their to get paid and if someone starts ‘acting up’ staff will just ban them forever and not even look into the problem.
    Oh and another thing, I was in the slide competition and I did all the work by myself, made the team, organized the group and registered the team on the first day. I misspelled one little letter in one of the members name and what do I get from staff? “I’m Sorry but your Pool Partol was not accepted into the event. Reason was that your team name and Shallow end were not as the rules stated.” Just for one little letter that I misspelled, and we are now out of the competition. I’m aching for my team (My team not just me)

  56. the staff are that strict? i kind of think they are kind because they gave me another chance on vmk. i was banned until 2016 but when i read my email it said they gave me another chance. I had to wait three months for that tho. i missed the slide-a-thon, and a lot of days that they were selling pins. Hey does anyone know when the blizzard beach quest ends?

  57. when does the blizzard beach quest end? bc i want to get that room so bad! i’m on number 28 sof ar. i have to play castle fireworks and get 150,000

  58. oh just wondering does anyone here know a person on vmk by the SC of bravesamanthacool? that’s me. if you do let me know

  59. I am so mad at vmk i got ban because i was doing the boy friend girl friend thing and we were trying to make out!It sucks that I am ban but it is only for a month so I think I will live.

  60. A friend of mine that I now hate played a game on me and said I found the boy of my dreams he like green and penguins like me but it was that girl and she also made a boy I liked alot he was the same as me hr=e like what I liked but vmk tought me a lesson I WILL NEVER FIND TRUE LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  61. I love vmk but the thing i dont love is that they banned my sister and we have NO CLUE wat she did they should tell u wat u did before they ban U!!!! and now i cant get on my account even but we just use the computer to play vmk lol haha

  62. I had so many rare things that i had worked for so long on….. i had just finished all of my rooms…… i was haing a wonderful relationship with my girl IceAngelPixie.

    but ofcourse, it was too good too be true and me and my friend, CutiePikay, and IceAgelPixie were saying things with numbers in them but using like instead of 3 we said tree. and just like that…. after i just stopped getting banned for one month and finished everything (i even had a bird hat!) i just had to get banned for 10 FRIGGIN YEARS!!!

    my god!! its not like i’m gonna play VMK in 2015 when i’m 22. what are they?…. stupid? and mean, i think so.

    ps ICE if you read this, [email protected]

  63. hi i no what you mean vmk once ban me on my best on for a mounth it is so un fair i love vmk i am on it right now it i just un fair.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :( gr gr gr gr VMK why why!!

  64. I can’t believe all you ppl got banned just for that stuff! they should be ashamed of themselves. I think they ban just for fun!

  65. I just visited runscape and it looks really bad. How do you think that is fun? I tried to register and nothing happened..
    Is is all about knights or something? I mean at leasat VMK is about funny looking people in Disneyland!!

  66. omg i just went on vmk and the took all of my friends away!!!!Why im sooooo sad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i had a bf too :( vmk sucks

  67. hey guys i just got banned for a month
    and its a month till halloween!!
    i’m freakin out here
    they better be selling halloween items after october,22 :(
    if they don’t i will really freak out bc i need costumes even tho i hvae cowbo and dresses i need more lol
    all i can do now is hope :)P

  68. i got banned from vmk for a month!!! i mean i didnt give away my fireworks magic in a game of cute or boot cuz that girl wanted tron instead anyways gosh. and im going to miss the halloween costumes and events. they think their so smart i have another computer to log onto anyways!!!! ahahahahahah blast them!!!! and i got a sparrow suit waiting for me to come back.


  70. VMK's Acewildcatdnace

    My friend that i know in real wanted to give me her number an staff ban her or 20 years! I go on vmk but u never see staff any were. They try to canp out1 they dont even talk to pals really! I <3 it i just try to like it and Halloween today

  71. omg!! i cant believe i got banned from vmk for doing a falling chairs win stitch hat i had one but i do not like to wear one please vmk let me back on!!

  72. ok it was this girl named bestdvc on vmk and she was mean to me and once she had free stuff leaving vmk and she did not have free stuff so she boot peeps in line when ever they move up her name on vmk used to be DVCBeachGirl and i got out of line and i told everyone to report her and bestdvc said No!!

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