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Where’s the ASPCA? PETA?

Save the Hippos! The news that Disneyland’s Jungle Cruise is getting their guns back has been making the rounds lately. Now the LA Times and the Orlando Sentinel chime in with a little more detail on the story. Apparently the guns won’t be the old blank firing guns, but rather props that will cue a… Read More »Where’s the ASPCA? PETA?

Eisner decides now is the time to make money

Michael Eisner wants to leave the Disney Company on sound financial footing. “It’s in my interest that when I leave, the company is in good enough shape that it will take a decade to screw it up,” Eisner said. Of course, that is exactly what most Disney fans think Eisner’s been doing the past decade… Read More »Eisner decides now is the time to make money

Remember LibbyLu?

Remember when I said that Disney would be foolish to let LibbyLu dominate the ‘tween’ dress up and party market, well the folks at Disney have things well in hand. An experiment at the 5th Avenue New York store features a place for the ‘tweens to come and release their inner princess. The New York… Read More »Remember LibbyLu?

Barbie or Disney Princess?

If you have a little girl, which is she more likely to be dressed up as? A Barbie or a Disney Princess? The Motley Fool ponders why so many of today’s young girls have gone the Disney route, and what Disney can do to capitalize on it.

Tigger’s Goofy Side (more on Tigger Suspension)

“Goofy is clways playful,” said Kaufman, who himself portrays characters at Disney part time and said he has played Goofy “hundreds of times.” “Of course he was goofing around because he was Goofy!” Kaufman said. … “That’s the joke about this,” Kaufman said. “You’re supposed to fool around, be animated. I knew for Michael it… Read More »Tigger’s Goofy Side (more on Tigger Suspension)

Prognosticating Fool

Steven from Motley Fool considers Disney’s string of duds and ponders about the eventual fate of Disney’s only summer hit “The Village”. The New York Daily News is sure the movie will make a profit for the mouse, but not much more for that. So… Read More »Prognosticating Fool

Foolish Mortals

My biggest concern is the one that no one sees yet. The same thing that all but killed traditional hand-drawn animation — Disney’s reckless disregard of the standards of excellence — is threatening to nip computer-rendered features short as well. Rick Aristotle Munarriz at The… Read More »Foolish Mortals

A fool and his summer vacation

The Motley Fool, whose economic opinion I value highly, presents columnist Rick Aristotle Munarriz who has weighed in on some recent visits to Orange County’s two largest themeparks – Knott’s Berry Farm and the Disneyland Resort. The results are quite interesting. He also puts in… Read More »A fool and his summer vacation