food and drink



Construction on the new Starbucks location coming to Disney’s Hollywood Studios is making some real progress. Not only does the location have a name “The Trolley Car Cafe”, it has a new sign (the Starbucks logo is covered up by that brown cover). It looks like you’ll be able to order those Venti Mochas pretty soon.


I’m a little saddened by the decision to close the door at the exit of Celebrity 5 & 10 on Hollywood Blvd. That will cut off one of the very few ways around the parade route for guest pedestrian traffic. Of course, they don’t currently do a parade very often. I hope that changes though.


Thanks to a small gap in the paper covering the windows we were able to get a preview of what the interior looks like. It looks a little under-stated to me. Yes, it’s not finished, so we’ll give them the benefit of the doubt here.