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Why the Polynesian Village Resort is a great ‘date night’ location | Disney Date Hoppers

For many people, the Walt Disney World resort is meant for families. Indeed family vacations and large groups are the bread and butter of the resort. But the top vacation destination for families is also diverse enough to encompass a world of fun for all varieties of dreamers. For instance, if you look in the right places, you will find that Disney World can be quite a romantic experience for you and your significant other. Molly and I are excited to introduce a new video series titled “Disney Date Hoppers” to explore romantic Disney destination experiences. 

Whether it be fine dining or recreation, Disney World is filled with great date ideas and our first episode brought us to the Polynesian Village Resort. 

The Polynesian Village Resort is one of the three monorail resorts nestled on the waters of Bay Lake and the Seven Seas Lagoon. Since its opening on October 1, 1971, the resort has treated countless guests to a Hawaiian style getaway. It has been updated plenty over the years, considering it is one of the original five resorts that opened on property, but its spirit and atmosphere has not changed all that much. 

For many guests, ‘the Poly’ offers them a chance to live the “Aloha way” without traveling halfway around the globe to get there. For Molly and I, we saw it as a fantastic place to go out on a date. Although we considered ‘Ohana or the epic “Spirit of Aloha Dinner Show,” we also find enjoyment in the simple things in life. Therefore, we set out for the Polynesian to enjoy some drinks and some classic Pineapple Dole Whip. 

Our favorite bar is located at this resort and I am positive some of you may know exactly where we are talking about. We are referring to Trader Sam’s Grog Grotto. This hidden bar is located behind what looks like a broom closet door. This tiki bar adventure awaits at the end of a hallway and although it does not look like much, it is one of the more lively places on property. 

The drinks are amazing and all unique and the entertainment the bartenders and servers provide is unmatched anywhere else on property. Although, it is not a quiet bar by any means, you are guaranteed to be entertained. They also boast some world famous collectible cups that you can purchase and walk away with if you so please as well. 

We decided to grab some drinks there and then went out toward the water. We just needed to stop by and grab a few DOLE WHIPS first before we got situated during sunset. Our date night took us to the “Pineapple Lanai” stand to grab a special ice cream treat celebrating the 70th anniversary of Cinderella and then retreated to the nearby Seven Seas Lagoon beach where we grabbed a few chairs and gazed at Cinderella Castle in the distance. It was tough to beat that view and very tough to beat the frozen desserts as well. 

After that, we went for a walk around the resort as it is a large piece of property. It was a simple yet fantastic date and we truly do implore you guys to take your significant other there sometime. 

If you are up for something more classy though, there are so many other date options at this resort. Whether it be the two incredible dinners mentioned earlier, the Oasis Bar & Grill, the Tiki Terrace, Kona Cafe or the Tambu Lounge you truly cannot go wrong. 

The Polynesian Resort is stocked head-to-toe with incredible theming, food, drinks, desserts, and more. It is a haven for great date night ideas and we are glad we partook in one for our very first episode of “Disney Date Hoppers.” 

We hope you stay tuned for plenty more episodes and articles to go with them going forward and if there is ever a date night you would like us to cover, just let us know. We truly appreciate the support and you can check out more of our content on our YouTube channel, Facebook page and on Instagram. As always, continue to follow The Disney Blog for your daily Disney news, opinion and commentary. Aloha!

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3 thoughts on “Why the Polynesian Village Resort is a great ‘date night’ location | Disney Date Hoppers”

  1. I am DVC. I have been enjoying your videos. But, I regret that you gave away my secret Tomorrowland fireworks spot. Also, we can’t pool hop to every resort. Polynesian pool is one on our restricted list, as is Yacht and Beach Club, etc. Keep posting.

  2. Poly is our date night spot too, but we always end it with the private fireworks cruise picking us up right there at the Poly docks… expensive but worth it since we don’t get there that often.

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