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Three great places to watch “Happily Ever After” fireworks at The Magic Kingdom

Everybody goes about their day at the Walt Disney World theme parks differently. Some like to visit for only part of the day, where others like to be there from sun up to sun down. Some like to get out of the park before the fireworks and parades, while others wait hours just to get a good view. Regardless, everybody should experience the fantastic night time shows Disney puts together at least once. “Happily Ever After” is Magic Kingdom’s night time fireworks show that is scheduled nearly every night and is a must watch event. 

We really love “Happily Ever After” and want you to have the best experience watching it too. Molly and I wanted to put together a brand new article and video telling you guys a few great places to watch this show. 

Once the time of day nears the start of the fireworks, Magic Kingdom gets crazy. The exits start getting swamped and the walkways to the various sections of the park can overflow with guests. Unless you want to wait hours for a spot, we recommend not standing out in front of the castle. If you want to experience it once, we totally understand that but if you are not into the castle show itself and big crowds we would suggest checking out these three underrated locations. 

1. Tomorrowland Terrace: 

Tomorrowland Terrace is located directly to the right after walking to the end of Main Street USA. This eating location houses nightly firework dessert parties that you can purchase but what many do not know is that this spot is an excellent spot to watch the firework show. You can stand near the infamous “purple wall” and get a great view of the castle or stand anywhere outside of the Terrace to get a great view of the fireworks above. You can avoid some crowds while still getting a good view of the entire show. 

2. The back of Fantasyland

Fantasyland can get a little crazy during the fireworks. There are many spots to grab a late night snack and families take advantage of lower wait times during the firework show. However, if you walk back toward “The Little Mermaid” and “Storybook Circus,” you will find far fewer crowds and a great view. Anywhere past the bridge after “Be Our Guest” creates an excellent view but the closer you get to the castle the busier it will get and we recommend you be aware of that! 

3. The bridge in Frontierland

I have very fond memories from my childhood of running through Frontierland towards 10 minute waits at Big Thunder and Splash Mountain during the firework show. This area is not very crowded at all during fireworks. Partly this is due to it being towards the very back of the park but the rides slow down and although you are far away, it can create some very epic views. We suggest standing on the bridge across from “Tom Sawyer Island” and taking in the show from there. 

As Molly said in the video attached to this article, you really cannot go wrong in regards to a view at Magic Kingdom. You can hear the soundtrack that goes with the show from anywhere in the park and as long as you can see the sky, you can see the fireworks. You can also get some great views of the show from the Monorail Resorts nearby but we will save those suggestions for another time. 

Note: Unless you’re showing up just for the fireworks, we don’t recommend you use one of your three Fastpasses for the day to secure a spot in the Fireworks Viewing Area in the hub.

In the meantime, we hope you enjoyed this article and video and you can find more of our work on our own personal YouTube channel. We are also on Facebook and Instagram and post daily photos and more to help you with your future vacation to Disney World. You will continue to find us on The Disney Blog as well where great Disney content is posted daily. 

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