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Woman sues Disney claiming injury boarding Space Mountain at Magic Kingdom

Space Mountain

A report in the local news claims a Tennessee woman is suing Walt Disney Parks and Resorts alleging injury after a cast member slammed a gate on her as she boarded a Space Mountain ride vehicle at the Magic Kingdom.

According to the lawsuit, filed this week in Orange County, FL, the injury happened on February 26, 2018. The plaintiff claims the loading zone gate closed on her causing injuries, although the extent remains unclear. In the suit, it’s alleged that Disney failed to safely inspect the attraction, properly train cast members, and operate the ride with reasonable care for guest safety.

Here’s our “Fast Forward” video from 2012 that shows the load and unload at Space Mountain:

Yes, there are gates there that swing open and closed to protect you from falling onto the tracks while a car isn’t there. The gates are also operated by a cast member, so they won’t accidentally close on anyone.

A lawsuit was filed in 2019 for injuries related to Disneyland’s Space Mountain attraction suffered in 2017. In this case the plaintiff claimed an injury to her head after the attraction vehicle she was on was diverted to maintenance bay with low lighting causing her to hit her head on a low ceiling while exiting the vehicle. She said the resulting head injury left her in pain and dazed with a need for ongoing medical treatment.

These reported incidents are clearly unrelated except for the name of the attraction.

Do injuries happen in Disney’s theme parks? Yes, on daily basis. They’re usually minor and almost always due to action or lack of action by the guest. Are they related to Disney’s maintenance, training, or safety procedures, almost always the answer is no. It remains to be seen what the courts decide in these two suits.

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