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Best Food of EPCOT Flower & Garden Festival 2015


When you think of America and food, great Barbecue will always rise to the top of the list. So it makes sense that the America Pavilion at EPCOT’s Flower & Garden Festival is focused on delivering a delicious sampling of regional BBQ. After tasting many of the food booths at this year’s festival, I’ve found my two favorite items here.


Disney’s chef’s have made a big display with a working smoker where the BBQ meat is finished before being served to guests.


There’s even a hidden Mickey made of sausage:


We briefly discussed what type of wood Disney’s barbecuer-in-chief uses. He says it’s a mix of Pecan (without the bark) and Southern Oak.


You can’t really go wrong with any of the four menu options, but my favorite were the Beef Brisket Burnt Ends Hash and the “Piggylicious” Bacon Cupcake. The hash is extra caramelized for a deep flavor and the white cheddar topping paired well with the hash. The Jalapenos weren’t too hot at all, but feel free to take them out if you want, the dish is fine without them.


I paired my burnt ends hash with the Maple Bacon Stout, a festival exclusive from the Shipyard Brewing Company down in Clearwater, FL. It was a medium stout with chocolate hints to go along with a good maple flavor. I liked how smooth it was, perfect for the early spring heat we’re getting in Central Florida.

The beer also went well with the “Piggylicious” bacon cupcake. This is one of my favorite things at the festival, the bacon flavor really comes through while the maple frosting and pretzel crunch adds some interesting texture. You’ll be dying for another one of these before you head home, I promise you.

If you’ve visited the EPCOT Flower & Garden festival this year? What was your favorite food item?