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Dessert perfection found in Disney Springs’ new Cookie Dough Food Truck

A vacation to Walt Disney World can sometimes feel like a series of crazy meals and desserts broken up by the occasional roller coaster or water ride. Lately Disney has been upping their sweet treats food game with lots of new options in the parks and Disney Springs. One of the newest is the Cookie Dough Food Truck.

Every so often, Disney rolls out a new food truck to the Disney Springs area. Usually they’re on the Westside across from the Star Wars Galactic Outpost store, but sometimes they show up over in the Marketplace (like the 4 Rivers Cantina food truck).

Here’s a closer look at the menu:

Jared & Molly volunteered to take one for the team and go check out and give the cookie dough desserts the old taste test.

Looks like they loved it!

Note: The Cookies and Cream Cold Brew flavor is one of the vegan options. However the little chocolate ears are not vegan. Always ask before you order in case the ingredients have changed though.

Don’t forget you can find more from Jared and Molly on The Disney Blog where they make special videos just for us and on their own growing YouTube Channel.

Are you excited to give the cookie dough treats a taste, so are we!

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