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Review and Tour of the Enchanted Rose Lounge (Video)

Everybody likes classy right? Well, what better place to experience something classy then the Grand Floridian Resort and Spa. Enchanted Rose Lounge is the brand new Beauty and the Beast themed bar located at this gorgeous resort and is the official bar and lounge of Victoria & Albert’s.

Located on the second floor of this deluxe resort, this bar features gorgeous views of the resort, The Polynesian Resort and the Seven Seas Lagoon. The bar is open from 1pm to midnight daily and the food is served from 5pm to 10pm.

Molly and I decided to go see what the fuss was about just a few weeks after its grand opening. There are four sections to impeccably detailed lounge and one of the waitresses brought me around each section describing the intentions of each room.

The main room with the bar is themed after the ballroom as shown by the floor and grand chandelier that represents Belle’s ball gown. We found this room to very well laid out and loved the window views of one of our favorite resorts.

Walking to your right when you walk in, you will find the west wing that is small but intimate and with a wall to wall painting of the surrounding woods outside of Beast’s Castle. There are also doors leading outside within this section that brings you to the balcony themed after the Beasts balcony from a montage in the film.

Lastly, the library themed room is on the other side of the lounge. You can find this outside of the lounge itself across the hall and was our favorite part. Inside are Easter eggs from the new live action film including some characters on the shelves, beautiful painting from the animated film and the infamous rose in its case. This room also features 16 of the best wines in the world with machines built for several different pours. These include a 1OZ, 3OZ, Full glass and full bottle (if available).

We personally ordered a few drinks ourselves and enjoyed them and were also intrigued by the table service cocktail option. This takes place on a specific part of the menu and we feature this in our full video review above.

All in all, we both enjoyed this experience and believe it is a good addition to the Grand Floridian. It is both classy and well themed and although we were unsure as to the reasoning behind Beauty and the Beast being the centralized theme, it works.

We do recommend talking with your financial adviser before a visit or checking your per diem if you’re on a business trip, Enchanted Rose is one of the more expensive places to have a drink on Disney property. Do you plan on a visit on your next trip to Walt Disney World?

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  1. This is very sad. We continue to see Disney management desperate to inject IP everywhere they can think of. I believe this is the saddest attempt. Beauty & The Beast has zero connection to this property. If they wanted the theme somewhere, at least they could have sold it better as a fit at Riviera. Mizner’s was the perfect cozy spot for a cocktail while enjoying the orchestra and fantastic service. I won’t deny that a freshening was needed with furnishings and flooring and the expansion wasn’t a horrible idea, but the name and theme never should have been touched.

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